Justice Minister Pavel Blazek (ODS) told the website of the Czech Ministry of Justice that state representative Marek Bodrak will not be a judge and that President Milos Zeman has refused to appoint him. Previously, Bodrak managed the Serious Economic and Financial Crimes Division at the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. He gave a final conviction to Raan chief Milosh Barak for manipulating his $100 million order, but Zeman pardoned him shortly afterwards.

“I have discussed with the president the next steps in the appointment of judges. He told me that he would not appoint prosecutor Marco Bodrak as a judge, including why he decided to do so.” “In any case, I am pleased that the president has appointed other candidates and that the appointment of new judges will not be unnecessarily delayed,” he added.

According to the Czech judiciary, the reason is “retaliation” for the Prague High Public Prosecutor’s Office overseeing and prosecuting cases related to the criminal activities of the Rani Forestry Authority. Lenka Vladachova’s team also targeted senior officials of the president, the website reports.

Rany Forestry Director Milos Barak was twice convicted by a court of trying to defraud the castle of millions of crowns. In March, a court sent Balák to prison for manipulating his $200 million public contract to secure and drain the slopes of Lánskáobóra around the Klíčava Reservoir. However, President Milos Zeman pardoned him.

In August, a Kladno court fined Balák 870,000 crowns for the Lány stone mining case and banned him for two years from working for any organization managing state property.

Most of the new judges are women.

On Wednesday, the government will discuss a list of 51 candidates for the new judges. Thirty-one newcomers were sent to the district court in Prague, and the rest were to be sent to the district court under the district court in Ostrava.

Women traditionally predominate, there are 35 of them, and the youngest candidate is 30, the minimum age for a judge. The oldest candidate was her 47-year-old State Prosecutor Bodrak, who was supposed to strengthen the Prague 2 District Court.

According to the Constitution, judges of the General Court are appointed by the President of the Republic. The list of candidates is constantly debated by the government, as his decisions require the Prime Minister’s countersignature.

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