More than 123 kilograms of poultry sausage from an Italian manufacturer on the Czech market may contain Listeria monocytogenes, which is harmful to health. More than 55 kilograms reached consumers and were sold in his Chrášťany store near Prague. This was reported by the State Veterinary Service on Thursday, warning against its consumption.

The Veterinary Authority has received information about the defective product from the Italian Supervisory Authority. This product has been discontinued throughout Italy due to cases of illness caused by Listeria.

There are three types of sausages called Woody Classico, Woody Formaggio and Woody Grill. According to the State Veterinary Administration, they were sold only at his one store in Kraščany near Prague. Over 68 kilograms were collected from the sale, and customers already have the rest at home.

Bacteria that can be found in products cause a disease called listeriosis. They can enter the human body precisely with the help of improperly processed or poorly preserved food. It can pose a greater threat to people with declining health, the elderly, and pregnant women.

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