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In the Czech Republic, the weather will gradually warm for the rest of the week, with the thermometer registering 19 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Meteorologists are expecting showers or light rain. Ground frost can occur at night, especially on Fridays, which can endanger vegetation, especially some vegetables.

Temperatures are expected to rise between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius on Thursday, with highs expected to increase by 1 degree each day through Sunday. Temperatures on Sunday should be between 15 and 19 degrees. This is according to the forecast of the Czech Institute of Hydrometeorology.

At night, temperatures mostly stay between 3 and 10 degrees Celsius. Ground frost should appear sporadically on Thursday and Saturday, and more frequently on Friday.

Temperatures are expected to soar to 19 degrees Celsius during the day through Tuesday, then cool off. On Wednesday and Thursday, the maximum temperature should not exceed 16°C.

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