This was also confirmed by the head of the Center for Social Services in Prague and an expert on this issue, Martin Szymasek. According to him, more than six hundred ghettos can be counted in more than one hundred municipalities on the territory of the Czech Republic. “In addition, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that people have deeper pockets,” Chimasek added.

Life in the Vitkov ghetto? Single mom says it was good, now we have to live

At the same time, even places that no one would have included before in this category show signs of excluded locations. The lack of alternative housing options, with which poor traders often earn money, also plays a big role in this. Gypsies often find themselves trapped. “The system of adequate benefits is rapidly deteriorating. In this regard, the state is not managing its agenda.”

Poverty is fundamentally a determining factor for the emergence of socially excluded groups. According to Miroslav Stejskal, president of the Association of City and Municipal Police Officers in the Czech Republic, this was evident in Šluknovské vyběžk, where the situation, he says, improved. “Part of the local Gypsies go to neighboring Germany to earn money. But they do not have such an opportunity in Ostrava, for example.”

Unlike imáček, it is believed that the number of excluded sites in the Czech Republic is decreasing, and even those sites do not generally pose a security risk. “There is no country where anyone is afraid to enter it. The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the world and that’s why so many tourists come here.”

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There are currently about eight thousand city and municipal police officers on the streets, and according to Stejskal, this is The number is not enough. “No one wants to do the job, even though it is already relatively well paid,” he said, adding that the experience of police officers is also increasing and a number of those with a college education are serving in their ranks.

However, a spokeswoman for the Federation of Cities and Municipalities of the Czech Republic said that in some places, police officers have to replace the work of police officers. The union also referred to information that police departments are decreasing in some places. “However, city or municipal police do not have as broad jurisdiction as state police, nor are they present in all cities and towns,” she explained.

Only those with a high school diploma, for example, can apply to become a police officer.  Illustrative image

There is a shortage of guards. Most applicants fail due to health tests

However, the spokeswoman for the Police Presidency, Irina Belakova, refused to disrupt the police department. “The Czech Republic police are not canceling any departments anywhere anywhere, it’s about converting smaller units into a larger organizational unit,” she said. According to her, the advantage of the new optimization of the new units is that the head of the department in them will cover the entire service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “And even with a potential understaffing, that is, not filling tables,” she added.

As of January 1, there were 40,118 police officers in the Czech Republic. That was 239 less than four years ago.

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