Only scraps remain on the website of the car company from the offers of Western European brands. However, they are also sold at prices many times higher than before the war. According to official Russian car sales figures for August, the country’s new car market fell by 62% year-on-year.

At first glance, the European car company’s Russian website looks ordinary. But a closer look reveals that something isn’t quite right after all. BMW touts used cars on the front page, and Skoda offers special ‘hockey editions’ of the Karoq, Octavia and Rapid models. The photo shows cars lined up on a frozen pond, just like this February. This offer is from the days when there was no war in Ukraine.

However, a few cars remained in the brand’s offer. The Rapid, assembled at the Kaluga plant in late winter, is offered by dealers in the Samara region for 818,000 crowns. The car is basic equipment with a manual transmission and sheet metal wheels. If you want a bigger and better-equipped Octavia, visit your Togliatti dealer. He has his gray car in stock, dark with his automatic transmission and aluminum his wheels, and wants 1,453,700 crowns.

Probably the most expensive Skoda on the current Russian offer is the Superb in basic Ambition trim, with Moscow dealers asking for 2,303,700 crowns. In the Czech Republic, his Superb with comparable equipment costs only half the price, and on the Skoda website he needs 1,074,900 crowns.

It’s worth noting that Mladá Boleslav’s Skoda is only ninth in the list of best-selling cars in the Russian Federation for August. Statistics from the Moscow-based Association of European Enterprises (AEB) show that Mladar his Boleslav automobile company only had to sell 640 of his cars for this “success.” This is only a small percentage compared to the same period last year.

The explanation is simple. With the exception of Chinese automaker Haval, sales of all brands declined this year. Even his VAZ, which took the lead by a wide margin thanks to the embargo, sold 7% less last month than he did last year. At the same time, the Lada car is one of the few that can be purchased in Russia at pre-war prices. The Granta model is advertised for an amount starting from 678,300 rubles. This is approximately 282,000 crowns.

mark August 2022 sales August 2021 sales Difference from 2021
1. Avtovaz (Rada) 18,087 pieces 19,428 pieces -7%
2. Kia 4004 pieces 17,277 units -77%
3. Haval 2990 pieces 2373 pieces +26%
Four. gossamer 2907 pieces 5161 pieces -44%
Five. hyundai 2892 pieces 14,106 units -79%
6. UAZ 2491 pieces 2720 ​​pieces -8%
7. Geely 1990 units 2165 pieces -8%
8. Renault 1736 pieces 9699 pieces -82%
9. damage 640 pieces 5497 pieces -88%
Ten. Volkswagen 534 pieces 6754 pieces -92%

The weak results of VAZ also have their reasons. Since the invasion began, the automaker has suffered a shortage of parts for production – most of them supplied by the previous majority owner Renault, but shortly after the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Since then, production in Togliatti has been on and off, and to this day, some of the associated factories have not restarted at all.

It also turns out that the replacement of Western European brands by Chinese manufacturers did not occur as quickly as the Russian regime promised at the start of the invasion. Also applies to

Avtovaz president Maxim Sokolov admitted in a recent interview with the RBK TV channel that the automaker is still searching in vain for suppliers for its 1,500 parts. “It forces us to work in emergency mode and creates additional risks. There are signals coming every day to stop it,” he added.

It became clear from the interview that Renault’s return to the car company would solve the situation. Avtovazu officials did not rule it out. Because, according to him, his company generated half of Renault’s overall profit last year. “Which company would voluntarily give up half of its income,” Sokolov thought, not forgetting to add that the company that left Russia would regret it.

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