Experts from the Czech Institute of Hydrometeorology have confirmed that a weak tornado hit Zlín on Thursday afternoon. Preliminary estimates show that it travels about 1,200 meters, and the funnel could reach as much as 50 meters in some places, says Petr He Münster of the Brno branch of the institute. An expert confirms the occurrence of a tornado on the spot. Linked to torrential rains and high winds in Zlín on Thursday, firefighters were only dispatched to damaged billboards in the local part of Marenovice, regional fire department spokeswoman Lucy Javojikova said on Friday. .

According to Münster, the assumption is that it was the weakest F0 tornado. Tornado strength is determined using the Fujita scale, with F0 being the weakest and F5 being the strongest. The tornadoes that hit Burděclav and Hodonin last June claimed the lives of six people, reaching a fourth degree in some municipalities. “But the categorization is a bit more complicated, and the final numbers are based on my evaluation of the photos I took on the spot,” Munster said.

He has previously said that people filming and photographing at the site recorded the cloud funnel, and one video also shows the spinning debris directly.

In connection with clearing the effects of heavy rain and wind, firefighters in the Zlín region were dispatched to about 20 incidents on Thursday afternoon and evening. According to Yavozhkova, they were most often pumping water from cellars and cleaning canal entrances and culverts, mainly in Vsetinsk. In Zlín Marenovice they were occupied by wind-damaged billboards. A spokeswoman for the fire department said, “There was no other intervention for Zreen.”

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