Author: Filip Rožánek

The annual report on the activities of Czech television for 2021 should not be approved by the Chamber of Deputies. It was voted on by the Information Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, which discussed the annual report at its on-site meeting in Ostrava. A motion to reject the report was made by Representative Jan Lasina (Stan).

The reason is how the Board of Directors of Czech Television voted in June 2021 for the CEO Petr Dvořák bonus for the year 2020. At that time, the Board voted to reduce the annual bonus to 66%. Nine councilors present voted, five received a bonus of that amount, three against it and one abstained.

According to government coalition deputies, such a vote to reduce the bonus was contrary to the law, since only five votes are not enough to pass a decision. The Czech Television Act states that a majority vote of all members, not just those present, is required to make a decision on the salary of the CEO.

Members of Parliament are upset that if the Council adopts an invalid resolution, then Czech Television must also pay its remuneration to Petr Dvořák to the full amount. On the other hand, the council member claims that everything went according to the rules and there is no risk of paying bonuses. The controversies relate not only to the required majority in the vote, but also over whether the vote is on wages at all.

Members of the government coalition emphasized that the motion not to approve the annual report submitted by the CT Council was not aimed at the work of Czech television as such. However, it is the only instrument through which the Media Committee can respond to reservations against the Counter-Terrorism Council.

Opposition deputies criticized the position of government lawmakers, saying that it is hypocritical to praise Czech television and at the same time not approve of its annual report.

This is the second time that the Information Committee of the Chamber of Deputies has proposed not approving the annual report of Czech Television. In February of this year, he opposed the 2020 Annual Report. The reason for this is the CT Board’s statement that the SPD movement does not have enough space in debates and news programs.

If the two annual reports were not actually approved by the Chamber of Deputies on the proposal of the Information Committee, this would open the way for a vote on the dismissal of the entire Czech Television Council. The council may do this, but it may not.

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