The Best Way to Make Money from Your Old Textbooks with WeBuyBooks

by Zero Dime
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The list of expenses for today’s student is endless; rent, food, tuition, and not the least, by delivery. If you’ve started university or know someone who has, you’ll know that textbook essentials don’t come cheap. With most new deliverables in the £15-£35 price range and students often needing to spend double figures for the duration of their studies, the total costs are to start construction.

Fortunately, students have to hand in goods to retain value, and there are a few different options for selling when you’re looking. With the online second-hand market so accessible now it’s easy to sell old books online, but what’s the easiest way? Of course, you have eBay and Amazon sites, both of which are excellent platforms for whatever you’re selling, from textbooks to paddling pools. However, selling your products here can be quite convenient and complicated, not to mention the rewards!

If you are looking for a quick fix, don’t worry, there is a solution. Sites like WeBuyBooks offer a service that is tailored for students; The service is much faster than eBay or creating Amazon listings while offering good value for unwanted shipping. To take advantage of WeBuyBooks’ easy-to-use service as a download application from either Google Play or the App Store and follow the simple steps below:

Webuybooks sales process

Follow these simple steps and you can start earning cash right away. With a built-in scanner, the WeBuyBooks app allows you to scan your shipment in seconds without entering codes or labels, making the process easier than ever.

New users also get 10% extra cash. Sign up to their Mailing list to get more special bonus codes to increase the value of your trades even further

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