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The owner of the Czech company T-Mobile, the German giant Deutsche Telekom, will replace Huawei at the heart of the mobile network. Instead of the Chinese supplier, they will deploy the technology from the US company Mavenir, which is less well known outside the industry. The latter also has a development center in Brno, which employs 330 people and is also involved in the development of the 5G core.

Mavenir is primarily known as one of the main developers around Open RAN technology. It is an open standard by which many politicians, regulators and companies hope to have greater competition for existing suppliers of wireless parts of networks. In addition, Mavenir is also working on a 5G core.

Mavenir is a small player compared to companies like Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei. From activities outside of the open RAN, it has annual revenue of approximately $600 million.

At the moment, the replacement of the network core concerns Germany, as part of the construction of the core of the so-called standalone 5G network, that is, the entire 5G network without the necessary connection to the LTE network.

“We want to launch the all-new 5G core in 2023 and 2024. After that, we will be able to take full advantage of network slicing and other functions,” Deutsche Telekom managers told Lupa at a meeting in Cologne.

Mavenir is now only operating in standalone 5G test mode, especially near Munich. Deployment will be gradual. In any case, Deutsche Telekom is gradually replacing Huawei in 4G and non-standalone parts of the network, according to available information, Ericsson is working there.

For now, the group remains silent about Deutsche Telekom’s further progress in expanding Mavenir to other countries. T-Mobile just mentions that it wants to continue using Huawei on the wireless part of the network in the Czech Republic, just like Vodafone.

Deutsche Telekom deploys Converged Packet Core technology (part of MAVcore) using Kubernetes. It supports voice, data, messaging, and network slicing. At the same time, it can be used for standalone and non-standalone 5G networks as well as 4G.

Huawei is experiencing a decline in financial indicators due to sanctions, bans and restrictions. Last year, the company lost half of its sales in the Czech Republic.

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