Archbishop Jan Graubner of Prague celebrated Mass on Friday on the occasion of the announcement of St. Paul’s Church. Ludmila in Náměstí Miru by the Cathedral in Prague. Pope Francis bestowed the church with the honorary title of Basilica Minor in July, and in his sermons Graubner recalled the saint’s role as patron of education and upbringing. According to him, education complements knowledge, and lack of one leads to crippling. st. Lyudmila is his fifth cathedral in Prague.

The so-called minor basilica title is granted by the Pope to important churches. In Prague it was formerly held by St. James’s Cathedral in the Old Town, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Strahov and the Church of St. Margaret. St. Peter and Paul of Bushevnov and Vysehrad.

There are hundreds of churches with the title of cathedral, most of them in Italy. A higher title is Basilica Myor, reserved for the six highest-ranking Roman Catholic churches.

A solemn Mass was held on the occasion of the Elevation of the Church and the Feast of St. John. Lyudmila. According to Archbishop Graubner, the elevation of the Prague Church to the status of a cathedral entails not only obligations, such as the observance of certain holidays, but also privileges, such as the possibility of issuing so-called plenipotentiaries. “I would say that we are very connected with the Pope. In this church we are supposed to have a model liturgy. We are supposed to be an example for others,” Graubner said. .

In a sermon, the Archbishop mentions that St. Paul is a patron of the church school in memory of Lyudmila raising the later canonized Prince Wenceslaus. According to him, upbringing and education go hand in hand, as do knowledge and action. “Knowing alone does not allow us to act right, but it takes will and cultivated virtues to be able to strive for what we have learned. he said.

Foundation stone for the construction of the Temple of St. John. Ludmily was laid on his November 25, 1888. The ceremonial dedication of the church took place on October 8, 1893. The church is one of Vinohrady’s landmarks and is built of rough brick and has a North German brick Gothic slate roof. style.

Its creator was the architect Josef Mocker, who lived from 1835 to 1899, and the temple was built to acknowledge the importance of the then independent city of Kralovska Vinohrady, founded behind the walls of Prague in the late 19th century. was created in .

From the outside, the church’s architecture creates the impression of a Gothic cathedral with a choir chapel crown. The façade of the building is dominated by a staircase, popular for many weddings and the like. The entrance tympanum representing the blessing of Christ with St. Paul. Lyudmila and St. Václavem is the work of his Josef Václav Myslbek. The interior is decorated with decorative and figurative paintings in the so-called Nazarene style.

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