The proposal to help large companies due to high energy prices is expected to help about 8,000 companies. Industry and Trade Minister Jozef Síkela, in charge of STAN, will propose to the central government that he will allocate 30 billion crowns for aid. Companies are not expected to set the best energy prices, as European law does not allow it. Sikera said before the government meeting:

Assistance will come in the form of loss compensation, and businesses will be able to apply for compensation again this year.

Sikera hopes to help more energy-intensive sectors such as processing and mining. In the case of mining, we want to help companies that are not very profitable, like kaolin mining. Agricultural production also needs support, including breeders with high energy consumption.

“If they show a significant increase in costs compared to the previous period, we will use a temporary framework to compensate for these costs,” said Síkela.

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