Already twice at the Dvořák Prague Festival, a musical performance of Rusalka, Anton Dvořák’s most famous opera, was performed in a packed Rudolfinum. Organized by the Czech Philharmonic with conductor Semjon Pechkov more than 20 years later. The text of Jaroslav Kvapel’s book, written in both Czech and English, can be seen on the display above the podium.

After shows on Mondays and Wednesdays, Rusalca is still on the program on Friday, September 23rd. Festival director, pianist Jan Simon says, “It’s a very difficult production, certainly the most complex and complex project during my time in Prague in Dvczak. The frequency of rehearsals far exceeded the normal preparations for the concert.” .

The Czech Philharmonic has been preparing for its premiere for several weeks. She trained extensively for more than two weeks, as did the Prague Philharmonic Choir, led by Lukasz Vasilek. However, the musicians began preparatory work almost three years ago so that Rusalka could be presented according to the original ideas. “We were able to assemble a star-studded singing crew according to the main criterion, so that the singers fully describe the character of their roles by their vocal range and expressive abilities,” adds Semjon Byčkov, conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Asmik Grigorianová, a 41-year-old Lithuanian soprano of Armenian descent, stars in the title role. “Rusalca is a beautiful musician and character, and I can say that it is one of the defining roles for me,” said the singer, who had previously performed Rusalca the year before at Teatro Real Madrid.

Prince was played by Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov, who knows the same role from the Vienna Opera, and Jezipapa by Jimmy Barton, an American mezzo-soprano, who already sang it five years ago at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Bassist Jan Martinek took on the character of Aquarius, which he understands as positive and lyrical. The foreign princess was portrayed by Slovak Mizo-soprano Jana Korokova, Lesny Cinke Marketa Claudova, Marketa Kokrova and Monica Jajirova. Shetbanka Pulkova introduced herself as Kochtek. Boris Bergl as Hagney, Jerry Brockler as Hunter.

Rusalka’s fantasy romance opera premiered on March 31, 1901 at the National Theatre. Růžena Maturová was the first to sing the lead role. The most famous song from this opera is Rosalsa’s Song to the Moon, that is, the Song of the Moon in the Deep, and the most famous of the chorus is the Květiny bílé pošte. It is also known that Vodník’s Aria Ubohá Rusalko is pale, as is Ježiba’s Čura mury fuk and Prince Vidino is strange, very sweet.

Prague Dvořák has already staged opera composer Alfréd and Král a hlíř in concert. This year’s 15th edition of the festival will run until September 25th.

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