Regarding the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive, according to political geographer Michael Romantsov, the time is approaching when the Kremlin must formally respond to what has been happening on the front in recent days. He can therefore begin to declare that special military operations are no longer being conducted against the “Nazi” regime in Ukraine, but against the West itself, he said in his interview with Aktuálně.cz. Says.

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War in Ukraine: Political Geographer Michael Romantsov on the Kremlin’s response to current events in Ukraine | Video: Kristina Pluzinova, Brakhoslav Bacha

Romantsov, of the Charles University School of Social Sciences, points to a growing number of senior Kremlin officials declaring that Russia is at war with the world’s “strongest and most staunch enemy.” .

“They also started using the term they were at war with the Anglo-Saxons, which was heard several times in Soviet history,” explains the political geographer. . According to him, this framing of the current conflict could help the Kremlin justify its failure.

“They began to claim that they were retreating but were waging a heroic battle on Ukrainian territory, exhausting Ukraine and NATO and allowing the Western powers to use military weapons to counterattack directly on Russian territory. “This is how Putin protects the country from repeating the 1941 scenario in which Nazi Germany attacked,” he added.

Watch the video at the beginning of the article. Romantsov also describes how the Russian public and the opposition will react to such statements by the Kremlin.

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