Russian propaganda guru Vladimir Solovyov spreads hatred primarily through the screen. He supports Putin’s murderous invasion of Ukraine and threatens Europeans and Americans. But even the other Russian propagandists he invites into his studio, and his own staff struggling with technical problems, can’t hide from his verbal aggression and arrogance.


The eminent Solovyov is losing his temper. He angrily mocks another propagandist. | | Video: Aktuálně.cz

Most recently, Solovyov ridiculed another propagandist’s impetuous speech, in which former Duma deputy Boris Nadezhdin openly questioned Russia’s chances of winning the war in Ukraine, and broadcast on Russian television NTV He was annoyed by his call for peace talks.

Rude behavior is characteristic of this prominent Russian. Arriving at the podcast studio with bruises on his face, he insultingly answered another journalist’s question about what really happened to him. He then left Russia after the invasion began. A joke circulated on social networks that singer Alla Pugacheva was supposed to beat him. After returning to her country a few months later, she declared that she had to punch someone, and Russian social networks speculated that he was thinking of Solovyov.

The Kremlin’s mouthpiece also lashed out at staff who tried to contact American economist Jeffrey Sachs. I cried. A connection was finally established.

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