Author: Somnium Space

Czech 3D printing company Prusa Research has joined forces to develop virtual reality glasses, which Prague startup Somnium Space, which operates the virtual world of the same name, is working on. The goal is to create virtual reality goggles that will be completely open and thus counterpoint to the closed Oculus products from Meta Platforms.

“We would like other products, such as virtual reality glasses, to have the same open-source community approach as our Prusa printers. Everyone will be able to download the 3D model of the Somnium Space headset from (purchased by Pruša) and print it at home on their printer,” she said. Shows Joseph Brocha.

The results of the product called Somnium Space VR ONE shall be subject to modification, repair and upgrade as needed. The individual components will be documented as 3D models and can be printed. The headset will be using Android and the source codes will be available on Git.

VRgineers from Holešovice, who develop XTAL professional virtual reality glasses, are also involved in prepared glasses. They are responsible for electronics and proprietary lenses that will be sold online. Users will be able to assemble the glasses themselves. May be available this year.

Somnium Space has also invested in French open-top Lynx goggles, as well as haptic Teslasuit or Ready Player Me avatars. Somnium Space investors include the Winklevoss brothers, who, like Somnium Space, oppose the central Zuckerberg metaverse.

Somnium Space VR ONE Specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset
  • 512 GB UFS 3.1
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • 2 x 3.2 inch display, 2880RGB * 2880 LCD, 1283dpi, 90Hz, maybe 120Hz
  • Horizontal FOV > 115 degrees, maybe more
  • Custom lenses similar to those of XTAL
  • MicroSD UHS-I expansion
  • VR PC Wireless Broadcasting
  • Computer mode the original cable (lossless)
  • HMD Native SteamVR support
  • Built-in stereo microphones
  • headphone jack
  • 6DoF inside-out tracking and support for 6DoF and Lighthouse controllers inside-out
  • External battery supports USB-C
  • 2x USB-C 10Gbps for external accessories (USB 3.2 Gen2) + 1 UBS-C charging (USB 2.0)
  • Android 11 AOSP, unlocked to mod
  • Direct access to sensors and cameras

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