“My father is an open lie and my mother is a shoddy journalistic work,” declared Ištván Jeseter, the protagonist of the new Czech novel Putování leklé ryby, published by Argo Publishing as the screenwriter’s first book. Lucy Vakova.

The unusual name indicates the true origin of the main character. The author stuck in my mind while reading the media. When the ANO group was stagnating in 2019, we will be walking around the European Parliament, who ran for the European Parliament, coordinator Ištván Jeseter spoke about it on Facebook. The pseudonym was accepted by the local press, including the serious press, as fact.

In the end, the stasis advocates won 1.56 percent of the vote and more than a million government contributions to pay for the election campaign, then chose Lucy Vakova as the heroine of her prose. “Yes, the idea for the book was born from its unusual form,” recalls the author, who studied journalism and screenwriting.

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However, her prose work does not rely on media criticism. Instead, it works with the observation that anything inaccurate or outright wrong they bring will, in a sense, become reality. “The written word and reality are two-way doors,” says Vakova.

Istvan Jester is a man without a past, born of a newspaper article, which for him means uncertainty about his identity and his relationships. “I sympathize with the main character in that. I don’t understand people very well, so a character without human qualities is better written to me than 100% believable and plastic. Lots of situations where Ištván flounders in social relationships is close to me I like it when people speak directly, they don’t express themselves in gibberish and don’t expect me to read their wishes from them,” says the writer.

“A Man Without Qualities” Jester lives, again like the author, in the environment of the urban intellectuals of the middle young generation. Intellectual figures such as Milan Kundera or Patrik Uednik play an important role in the book, the books of Bianca Belova and Petra Sokupova are mentioned, postmodern thinking or writing is also discussed, which, for example, as a screenwriter of endless TV series “press on” Paper is for profit only.

leky fish roaming It was actually created from scraps of script writing. Lucy Vakova, who collaborated on the series, explains StreetAnd the queen and king or Vysočina . badge. Then she created a comedy for Stream TV Teleci . fire station She turned Jan Noemek’s novel into a movie light historydedicated to photographer František Drtikol.

The writer explains a wide range of genres by saying “One day you’ll want to defeat her own arrogance” and learned in the script of the series Street To see an opportunity is as interesting as translating a novel about an art photographer.

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