“We will announce the decision after the weekend elections. For us, the result is important, that is, in the castle a person, woman or man, who will represent the Czech Republic with dignity, respect and defend the Constitution and its spirit. We are adapting our strategy to this goal. But the situation has evolved in recent months,” he added. We have a very divided society, part of which is really disturbed by what is happening, the rising energy prices. The populist and extremist forces are trying to exploit their fears and concerns. At the same time, many figures have emerged from the democratic political camp who want to run for the presidency and also have the support of the public. We must take this consideration in our decision-making, because we do not want to make the mistake of going forward at any cost with, say, a candidate for the state system of ozone, and ultimately jeopardizing our goal, that is, to have a good head of state,” said the Prime Minister and the One Democratic Government in a debate The third online prime minister for the DENIC newspaper.

Is Babish planning to run for president? Fiala: It’s hard to understand what he’s doing

Does this mean that ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 can support one of the three names Peter Pavel, Dhanush Nerodova and Pavel Fischer? “Yes, supporting a figure who appears in the public space who seems to have a presumption of electoral success and initial confidence in the community is one option,” Fiala admitted for the first time.

Babish will run for the presidency

Prime Minister Denik told in June that, according to him, Andrej Babis wants to run for Citadel, but for some reason he does not say it out loud. Does he still think so? “Yes, but it is not very easy to understand what Mr. Babish does, especially when he is in the habit of saying something different in the morning than he is in the afternoon.”

Viale’s reasoning stems from the fact that the president of the ANO travels throughout the republic and campaigns even when his movement is not at all a candidate in the upcoming elections. “The only thing that results from that is that he will run for president, which he hasn’t ruled out yet,” he explained. But in recent days, Babish has been talking about the fact that he is instead considering a return to the premiership and that ANO has a lot of good presidential candidates.

in scan your religion 73% of the participants said that Babish should not run for the castle. Is she a fan of an elephant chair? “It does not bother me now. If he aspires to the position of prime minister, he can stand at the head of the ANO movement in the parliamentary elections and try to win the trust of the citizens. We are now focusing on municipal councils and senates in which we want to be very successful.”

Source: Diary

In Prague, the government without ANO

Due to the municipal and senate elections at the end of the week, the question was also directed to Peter Fiala. People wonder what it will be like in Prague when the leader of the Spolo Alliance and MP Bohuslav Svoboda shows sympathy for the leader of the ANO movement, Patrick Nasher, and also talks about the intersections of the programs.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

Fiala: Even in the municipalities, we prefer a coalition of five. But I can’t promise you that it will work everywhere

“How we will govern in the capital depends above all on the decisions of our colleagues in Prague. It is certainly not the desire of the party leadership or my personal desire to lead Prague with the ANO movement. I do not even have to convince anyone of this. After all, said Marek Benda, President of the Prague Organization ODS and mayoral candidate Bohuslav Svoboda, they do not want an alliance with the ANO and, on the contrary, want to repeat the form of the five-member coalition here, Philae said. He himself prefers the same.

“But municipal policy per se is different from national policy. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that municipal councils are set up in six thousand municipalities in this way, it would not be logical and not possible. But where it is possible, we would prefer a coalition to the plan of the government.”

First debate with Peter Fiala:

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

Fiala promised in the discussion that the price of electricity and the war tax would be fixed within a month

Will it be a referendum on the government?

The presenter stated that André Papis is also trying to turn the municipal elections into a referendum on the Villa government. In an interview with Bravo, he said: “Citizens should go to the polls, even if they have a good politician from the Five, because the government is so disastrous, the worst, the incompetent, the inaction, and terribly slow, they shouldn’t vote for the Five.” . The president replied that it was difficult for him to comment on such nonsense, because people vote for municipal councils and especially those they know from his work in the city.

The second debate with Peter Fiala:

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

My job is to do the right things, Prime Minister Peter Fiala responds to the criticism

“To make this election a referendum on the government does not make sense, because the people need competent people they can trust to lead their municipalities and cities. But if André Papis wants a referendum on the government, I don’t mind. Perhaps the citizens will consider it as a referendum on his government, which signed The country is in disastrous debt and has caused energy insecurity, done nothing proper, and now only offers populist prescriptions.”

Jihlavska pushed to win

He also commented on the battle of the Senate in Jihlavsk, in which Upper Chamber President Miloš Vystrčil of the ODS and Jana Nagyová for ANO, the second defendant in the Sabi Nest case, will face each other. “I am convinced that Milos Vestrel will win because he is an excellent president of the Senate, a worthy representative of the state and a very diligent person. Andrej Babiš is trying to create some protection as part of his trial, which is taking place now, and it is possible that his co-defendant Jana Nagyová will be nominated for immunity. The Prime Minister concluded. Peter Fiala said: “I am convinced that people will vote reasonably and according to what someone has done for them in recent years.”

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