This time around, the set of questions mainly focuses on maintaining a safe distance and driving. Both topics are very important due to the arrival of autumn weather; Due to wet roads and leaves, the braking distance is extended, and the backstrokes are increased. “We want license applicants, as well as current drivers, to remember the two-second rule of keeping a safe distance. This gives time for the necessary reaction,” Janda points out.

His knowledge will be tested in final exams. From October, a video of the actual process will be added to the test question package, among other things. The examinee must answer whether the driver has kept a safe distance. “Of course, he will also have to perceive all events as a real process. For example, what speed is the car approaching a railroad crossing, is it the right speed, etc.,” explains Jerry Nowotny, Vice President of the Association of Driving Schools in Czech Republic.

Drivers and cyclists are confused. The survey found that they confuse bike lane with driveway

Driving schools also welcome new roads in the form of dynamic images or real videos. “It is a step in the right direction. The student should also be fully aware of other things. I have used videos in my teaching for a long time. The photographer and I filmed several traffic stops in Rakovnik and then discussed the students in class”, says Vladimir Ukrlant, school owner Škrlant & Kubánek Driving School in Rakovnik.

Trouble driving in the lanes

On the first anniversary of the careful operation of dynamic questions, the Department of Transportation revealed which tasks followers make the most mistakes. Among the most incorrectly answered dynamic questions is the question of how to bypass the motorcyclist in the queue. Only half of them managed to answer correctly. “The other half does not know the rules for driving in traffic lanes at all. The question is also specific in that we wanted to use it to draw attention to the incorrect behavior of motorcyclists and what they are and are not allowed to do. At the same time, we want to point out that Cyclists can ride along the shaft in some cases on the right side,” Janda explains.

Little girl behind the wheel - illustration

Behind the wheel of a seventeen driver’s license on trial. Young drivers are waiting for changes

The most persistent question wrongly answered focuses on the superiority of traffic lights over road signs. About 45 examinees get this wrong. On the other hand, the most consistent question answered correctly was related to the rules of crossing at a pedestrian crossing. As for the dynamic questions, driver’s license applicants more often than not correctly answered anticipating the dangers when driving on the main road.

The data does not end up in the drawer or in the trash. Driving schools want to use them. “We will use statistics in training driving school teachers, who will pass on their knowledge to applicants for driver’s licenses. Data is important to us, “notes Novotny.

Drivers must maintain a distance of one and a half meters when passing cyclists, according to the new proposal.

Mandatory distance between cars and cyclists: Accidents decreased slightly, but disagreements persist

The Department of Transportation asked the first set of new questions a year ago. Since then, 125 “classic” questions and 20 animated questions have been added to the task pack. Always in parts and quarterly approx. In total, the system now has almost nine hundred ready-made questions. The number is not final. By the end of 2023, the number should increase by another five hundred. However, it will be a number much lower than the average of the European Union countries (according to the Association of Driving Schools in the Czech Republic, the average is about two thousand questions in the tests).

The Association of Driving Schools would like to find common ground with the Department of Transportation also on the issue of the final exam. While in the Czech Republic it consists of 25 questions, in the European Union it averages 15 other tasks. Driving school students do not have to worry about the news. They can study everything on the website The Department of Transportation is considering banning free access in the future.

Theoretical tests for applicants for driver’s licenses are conducted on computers in 206 municipalities with a wide range throughout the country. Applicants take the tests electronically in the Ministry of Transportation system. Each applicant must pass it successfully in order to follow the practical part of the exam, i.e. driving. Each year, up to 120,000 applicants for a driver’s license face test questions for their driving school exams.

Source: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

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