SPD leader Tomio Okamura has been threatened with disciplinary action in the House of Commons for his remarks to House Speaker Marketa Pekalova Adamova (TOP 09). The initiative was submitted to the Mandate Committee by Lucie Potůčková, STAN MP. Members will meet at the beginning of October to discuss it. Potůčková said Okamura’s remarks about her femininity angered her, which Okamura believes has a connection to the upcoming local and senate elections.

Okamura leaned toward Adam for her remarks from a televised debate that, for example, wearing an extra sweater could improve the energy situation. Okamura said in late August, “Don’t be mad at me.

“So I’m going to talk about myself, I’m not going to talk about you, you’ve noticed, I don’t want to be personal, but for some reason obviously you don’t have my personal I’m not going to rate it at all, but I have experience,” he continued, according to Congressional minutes.

According to Potůčková, Okamura’s remarks “crossed the line”. She saw them as attacks on femininity. MP STAN said: She recalled that no one objected to the SPD leader’s words at the plenary session, even though there was a negative reaction even among male lawmakers. According to her, Okamura’s remarks also run counter to efforts to involve more women in politics.

In response, Okamura said in his speech that he literally said twice that he was not speaking on a personal level so as not to offend anyone. Anyone who listened to the entire speech of , knows that I responded to Mrs. Pekharova Adamova’s advice to an arrogant and ridiculous citizen to wear two sweaters,” Okamura said.

“I talked about my experience raising my own children. Babies cannot wear two or three sweaters. Ms. Pekalova Adamova told the truth that she has no experience raising children,” said the SPD leader. added. According to him, Potuchkova can tell her commission what she wants, but that doesn’t mean she’s right.

Potuchkova said she had consulted with Adamova on submitting the initiative, and the Speaker of the House agreed with her proceedings. Because the rules of procedure presuppose that only those who feel dissatisfied can initiate a motion to initiate proceedings, she went down the path of saying she was offended by Okamura’s remarks. It’s up to them what they do with it, but I have a clear conscience that I didn’t let it go,” Potuchkova said.

Mr. Okamura said that he had never heard of Potuchkova. In the House, he said he was unaware of her work.

In disciplinary proceedings, the Commission may impose a fine up to the amount of the deputy’s monthly salary or apology. If the committee renders such a verdict, the vice-chairman may appeal to the entire House of Representatives.

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