Many drivers have poor eyesight but do not wear contact lenses or glasses. The situation for cyclists is getting worse, according to a Ministry of Transport study. Besip said he will launch a campaign in October advocating the need for eye checks.

Nearly 40% of domestic drivers in the Czech Republic are required to wear glasses or contact lenses, but only a fifth do not use them when driving. Half price for cyclists. Additionally, some drivers neglect to check their eyesight. This is based on a survey of drivers, the results of which were presented to journalists by Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS). Besip said he will launch a campaign in October advocating the need for eye checks.

“I want as many drivers as possible to have their vision checked, because sharp vision basically affects how fast they can react when they get behind the wheel,” Kupka said.

According to a study commissioned by Besip, 61% of drivers declare a visual impairment. Most often it is myopia, or distance vision impairment. Drivers also often suffer from low-light vision problems and farsightedness.

Research shows that Czech drivers often neglect regular eye checks. In 2019, only half of drivers were tested at least once, and 14% of drivers were never tested. According to Tomáš Neřold, head of Besip, an eye test last year found that he was recommended at least 0.75 diopters of correction every four tests. Research shows that women are more responsible.

Neřold pointed out that poor eyesight makes drivers less responsive. According to statistics, a driver with healthy eyesight, if he tries to stop immediately at a speed of 50 km / h, he will drive another 25 meters. A 2 diopter drop in visual acuity already increases the distance by 10 meters. “Poor vision affects driving, especially poor visibility. Last year, 67 people died. Autumn and worsening weather have significantly increased this number,” said Neřold. increase.

“People who have never had an eye test pose a big risk. There is a pretty good chance they have a defect, but they don’t know about it. This is mostly about people over 40. People ‘s vision deteriorates, but I’ve never had a problem with my vision, even if I measure it less than once every two years,’ said Pavel Krejčí of Grand Optical. We plan to offer free eye exams monthly.

About 6 million drivers in the Czech Republic hold a driving license. About 1.5 million drivers need glasses or contact lenses that are recorded on their driver’s license.

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