The two-day NATO Days in Ostrava and the Air Force Days of the Czech Republic Army will begin on Saturday near Ostrava’s Mosnov Airport in Novozzycin. From early in the morning, several kilometers of convoys were forming from all directions. People wait in line for tens of minutes. The longest convoy is now on the I/58 road, heading for Ostrava, according to the operator of the special police line Michal Tiché.

NATO Days is Europe’s largest security show. Admission to the event is free and is attended by over 200,000 people. However, last year, due to the effects of self-restraint due to the new coronavirus, the number of visitors was about 60,000.

This year, military, security and rescue forces from 22 countries, a record number, will participate in the event. In the field, people can see dozens of planes and other technology, but the main attraction of the show is the dynamic demonstrations in the air and on the ground. According to organizers, their program will be the longest in the history of the event. Aerial performances must be at least 9 hours in total, and ground performances at least 11 hours.

For the first time in Central and Eastern Europe, people can see Sweden’s JAS-39 Gripen E aircraft in the air.The fifth generation F-35 Lightning II fighter jet will also make its air premiere in the Royal Netherlands Air Force was shown.

For the first time, the people of Moshnov will see a representative of South America – the Brazilian C-390 Millennium transport aircraft. On the contrary, his Mi-24 / 35V helicopters in the Czech army are gradually beginning to be replaced by more modern machines and will probably be the latest.

Among the most captivating demonstrations are the performances of two aerial acrobatics groups. Swiss Patrouille Suisse makes his NATO Days appearance for the first time. Croatia’s Wings of Storm returns for his first time in three years. Above, European and Czech Republic champion Martin Sonka can also be seen performing aerobatics in a training helicopter Z-142C AF.

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