The overview did not state the methodology on which it was compiled, and the author or group of authors who compiled it remained unknown. A Twitter account drew attention to the report on Saturday bad marketer.

Although the map contains a number of names of entities and people who have been repeatedly proven to spread lies and disinformation in the past (including a number of their claims that the column has proven false). Diary Against Fake News), the absence of methodology and the lack of clarity of authorship have somewhat weakened its credibility.

The map was also immediately questioned by many other people and entities mentioned in it. But in the process, they committed other misinformation: for example, they identified its author, without providing any evidence, the one who reasonably denies it. Specifically, well-known internet columnist and social media expert Daniel Dojikal.

“He waited – there’s reason to believe the name isn’t real”

In the past few days, he was mentioned by several quarters as the author of the map. On his Facebook profile, for example, SPD MEP Ivan David. He also mentioned that Dočekal’s name is apparently not real.

“The lists of scammers are not what they used to be. There is reason to believe the name is not real,” wrote Daniel Dougikal in one heap of lawyers, doctors, politicians including myself, esotericists, academics, media and other subversive elements, undermining the “ indissoluble unity of the European Empire Millennium and friendship with USA and NATO in eternal ages and nowhere else’,Evan David wrote on his personal Facebook page.

Varied quotes, pictures from elsewhere. Several lies emerged after the anti-government protests

How MEP came to know that one of the most famous columnists of the Czech Internet, who participated in the development of the Czech Internet in the 1990s, does not have a real name that is difficult to guess. What is certain, however, is that he is credited with something Daniel Dojkal did not do: he did not write the names listed on the map of the Czech disinformation scene.

“I have no idea who did this, I only know about the Bad Marketer account, who reports to it and updates it and communicates with it about updates. In the meantime, I’ve been identified as an author, even Evan David considers my name an inventor. It can’t be fought too much because None of them are interested in stopping spreading the lie and getting it right. And they can be expected to live a life of their own, just like all misinformation,” Daniel Dougical told Denick.

On September 1, 1992, on the 88th km of the D1 motorway in the direction of Prague, a state BMW car carrying the President of the Federal Assembly of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek, ended up like this

Bend your legs, Dubček heard. His tragic car accident still raises speculation

According to him, this is a scriptural case of misinformation created by those misleaders on that list. “Obviously they are right. As for the existence of the list, I consider it a practical overview of accounts to avoid on social networks, or where you can’t trust anything they write, and to check everything more thoroughly than other accounts. A very useful list, which is also Neither the first nor the last – there are actually various reviews of fake news/disinformation sources. Although this is a somewhat exceptional range,” he told Dink Dogekal.

One of the authors says it’s a team work

So who made the list? The newspaper managed to contact one of the compilers of the map, whose name is known to the editors, but at his request we did not mention this. According to him, the map was created as a teamwork.

“The genesis is that many people who follow the activities of scammers on social networks gathered on Discord (a communication platform for communities, editor’s note) and began to consider the question of who are the main amplifiers of misinformation in the Internet space,” a representative of the author team told Deník.

Firefighters escape at the fire in Mizna.

Forest fires? Scammers claimed to Huinsk that the media is manipulating us

The whole thing was a teamwork, with people in the internet group “commenting on videos from Jan Petrkova’s channels and other scammers,” people gathering around the Illuminator Facebook page or part of the Vědátor page team, creators of the public database of websites with non-serious content, we also based on data found by the Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism and the like. ”

According to him, it was a fast-paced joint project on Saturday, the purpose of which was to clarify the landscape of disinformation. At the same time, the map is an open resource and is constantly updated.

Diary against fake news.Diary against fake news.Source: DiaryIt is said that the creators did not even anticipate the great response the map received so soon after it was published on the Xmind platform. It was greatly contributed by the fact that the link to it was shared by the people mentioned in it who were repeatedly caught spreading lies, for example Jiří Černohorsk and Ivan David mentioned earlier and many others.

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