French meteorologists warn that temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea will drop rapidly due to lower temperatures and strong winds. Water temperatures could drop up to 10 degrees from 24 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius in just 48 hours from Thursday to Saturday, he reports BFM TV.

Strong winds, typical of this time of year, began to pick up in the south of France on Friday. The Mistral was blown away at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour in the department surrounding the city of Marseille and 100 kilometers per hour in Corsica.

Meteorologist Alexis Vandebolde said on Twitter that the drop in temperature will be further accentuated by “cooler deep waters rising to the surface”.

A drop in seawater temperature is a welcome phenomenon from the perspective of aquatic flora and fauna. Due to tropical temperatures, sea temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea were above average this summer, exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in some places, especially damaging corals and destroying biodiversity.

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