Modern automobiles are becoming more complex and more difficult to repair. Especially for defects that appear sporadically or seemingly illogical. Repair shops motivated by profit and trying to process as many cars as possible in a day often replace functional parts unnecessarily. The actual pest costs only a few hundred dollars and you just have to figure it out. This requires time and a conscientious diagnostic approach.

The old Jewish joke, “Three hammer strikes, three crowns. Ninety-seven crowns,” describes a successful repair budget. We like to laugh at him, but in everyday practice it’s the opposite. It can take a long time to discover a buried dog, and time-pressed rescuers are almost always guided by surface markings.

However, this addresses the symptom rather than the cause. Mechanics are also motivated to do this by the logic in the vehicle’s diagnostic system that monitors actuator function. That is, at the end of the network. Doctors know that headaches can originate in the spine. The rushing mechanic will replace your head in his place first.

Error codes aren’t the only guide when it comes to solving more complex problems, they’re just the first guide. Quality service constantly lowers the bar and monitors the operating state of individual functions even while driving to detect deviations from the norm.

However, this takes time, just as it takes time to build the knowledge you need. “He thinks a fair price for a detailed initial diagnosis is 5,000 crowns,” explains diagnostic expert and trainer Libor Fleischhans. His company, his IHR Technika, develops its own diagnostic software and provides online support for its services, in addition to training.

5,000 crowns seems like a lot of money, but without proper knowledge and equipment, a quality diagnosis cannot be guaranteed. If we stick to medical comparisons, here too experts do not begin surgery without laboratory tests and x-rays. The only difference is that this diagnosis is paid for by your insurance company, whereas for a car you pay for it yourself.

5 Ground is put in a different light when repair shops skip honest investigations and start mindlessly swapping everything that simple computer code refers to. Jan Šneberger, a long-time educator in the Pilsen transport industry, guides students and readers of the professional magazine Auto Expert through in-depth procedures.

“Hyundai ix20 had sporadic power steering failures. Brand Service responded by replacing the entire steering column with 70,000 power steering. However, the defect persisted and the control unit I managed to solve it by recoding the ,” describes one of the cases.

“Also, at the Mercedes-branded workshop, one of our customers replaced all the intake and exhaust sensors one by one, and if the engine kept going into emergency mode, they offered to replace the catalyst for tens of thousands of dollars. The defect consisted of a very small leak in the intake circuit, discovered thanks to a so-called smoke tester.

And third, he said, when the Czech looked into a good old oscilloscope and it became clear that the ignition voltage was bad, the ignorant service was sinfully expensive for a jerking historic Ford Mustang I would like to add that I was about to order a new carburetor from America. And he fixed the flaws for a small fee.

Libor Fleischhans adds an example where a diesel particulate filter burnout problem is caused by a faulty temperature sensor. However, that deviation only appears over a certain temperature range and is therefore undetectable to those who do not continuously monitor the voltage during the full regeneration of the filter. This is a completely different level of work than basic error loading.

Unnecessary replacement of functional elements costs the customer money and ultimately leads to unresolved defects. Given the enforceability of Czech law, few people have the nerve to seek redress through the courts. This is long and uncertain. Wealthier customers are more likely to sell the car and leave it to someone else.

Since most services are motivated by immediate profit, little improvement can be expected. Especially branded workshops that have to make money for their owners even in expensive modern buildings shouldn’t go far for the crown. It can finally be repaired.

Certification for a particular brand narrows the range of vehicles that can be repaired and increases your chances of learning more about that vehicle’s behavior. At the same time, however, various business obligations arise. One of them is to meet the sales volume of spare parts. So a mechanic who repairs the head cheaply is likely to get worse reviews from his boss than one who replaces the head.

How can an uneducated public defend it? Claim a detailed description of how the service will proceed once you receive it. We need to give you an estimate of the price you must have. Also, if Service declares a part defective, ask what the defect is.

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