Author: Liftago

On the one hand, the possibility to share the currently unused capabilities of their transport fleets, and on the other hand, to use them during peak times or for delivery at a specified time. This is what platform, officially launched by logistics company Liftago, is supposed to offer e-commerce and transportation companies.

“It is a win for all parties involved. Not every company new to the market will have to create its own fleet to meet the needs of its customers, but they will be able to use the free capacity of cars, bikes, scooters or vans that are already moving on the streets of Czech cities,” explains the co-founder and CEO of Liftaga Ondřej Krátký.

It is essentially a technology platform that can link the display of transport capabilities to real-time demand via a single API. The system is already being tested by e-commerce players such as, Datart,, logistics companies DPD and DHL, or a PNS that distributes newspapers and magazines to mailboxes and newsstands.

Technology in the background offers each driver the most suitable job currently available from the vicinity. In addition, it uses the principle of auction and immediately searches for the most suitable vector in auctions on the basis of the market principle. In practice, this means that a parcel from a nearby online store can travel in the most efficient way to the customer via a nearby carrier, even if it’s a food delivery company,” adds Lifrago.

DPD and Datart are currently testing the capabilities of networks on a small portion (in the order of a thousand) of their shipments. Service enables them, for example, to deliver goods in 1-hour intervals or offset unexpected fluctuations in demand.

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