Author: Bohemia Interactive

Czech game developers earned 7.1 billion kroner last year, which is almost an additional two billion kroner year on year (in 2020, the number reached 5.3 billion kroner). Profits grew by 14 percent to 2.08 billion crowns. More than 95 percent of sales were exported abroad. This was reported by the Game Developers Association (GDACZ) figures.

The numbers greatly exceeded expectations, the market originally expected an amount of about six billion. The coronavirus and associated quarantines and the search for entertainment at home have helped increase.

This year, sales could rise to $7.5 billion. In general, a slowdown can be expected. Studies are affected by Covid restrictions associated with, for example, forced work from home. This slows down development significantly, especially in the final stages. Many global companies are gradually announcing delays in the release of their games. Czech developers are also affected by other aspects such as energy prices, human labor, inflation and the like.

There were 135 game studios operating in the Czech Republic last year, 14 of which increased year on year. Most of them are multiple or individual projects. The largest Czech studio, Bohemia Interactive, achieved sales of 1.1 billion kroner. Beat Saber creators earned 2.3 billion, nearly a billion more year-over-year, but Beat Games already belongs on the Meta Platforms.

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