Imperfect Octavia, missing door panels disappeared from the parking lot. Components were sourced from the Grupo Antolin factory, which burned down in January of this year.

Mladoboleslav’s Škoda Auto has completed the last Octavia car with missing door panels after a January fire at supplier company Grupo Antolin. The employee completed his last unfinished Octavia on September 8 and had 27,547 cars to complete. This was reported today by the weekly Skodwatski Odborás.

“We have started production of a car without door panels. However, Grupa Antolin employees, with the support of Škoda employees, were able to supply the panels to production again in mid-March. Assembly of the parked car could start fully in early June, when the supplier has started producing enough door panels to continue production, i.e. for an overhaul. to,” said a trade unionist from Shkodova.

The unfinished car was finished both in the workshop inside the factory and in the outside workshop at Risa Nad Labem. “I would like to thank all the employees in production, quality, logistics and purchasing for their hard work, even though the situation was not easy, especially complicated by the lack of other parts.” added the union.

A fire engulfed Grupo Antolin’s production hall on Saturday, January 29, and was extinguished by firefighters after 17 hours. According to preliminary estimates, the fire caused him more than 1 billion crowns of damage. This was he one of the most devastating fires in the Czech Republic. In 2015, a fire at Unipetrol’s facility in Zalzi, near Litvinov, caused his 4 billion crowns, the biggest loss to date.

Up to 50,000 unfinished vehicles

For two years Škoda has been dealing with outages in parts, especially semiconductors, but so too with cable harnesses. Last year, at the turn of summer, he had 50,000 unfinished cars parked around factories and rental airports. Because of this, the delivery times for new cars were often extended for him by a year or more.

Since then, the vehicle has been gradually completed, such as being delivered with missing parts from the supplier. According to unofficial sources from the car company, the cars that have already disappeared from lots but are currently being produced will again be scrapped incomplete, creating a huge gap in the supply chain once again. We are investigating the automaker’s statement.

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