There will be lanes reserved for buses, taxis and emergency services, as well as bicycles and scooters and motorcycles in some locations. The new rules should come into force from the beginning of next year.

Scooters and motorcycles can start driving in lanes reserved for public transport buses in the capital. The Prague administration sent a plan to the road administration office. The new rules could come into force from the beginning of next year. Deputy mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) told journalists. As well as public transport buses, ambulances use dedicated lanes, and taxis are also available.

“We did it mainly by focusing on the fact that we consider it appropriate to support scooters. Passing between cars is dangerous. I don’t think it confuses the general public with ‘transport bus lanes,’ Scheinherr said.

Changes must be discussed by the relevant authorities. The road management office has already posted the plan on the official bulletin board, the deputy director said. “We expect the changes to go into effect early next year,” he added.

The capital has about 40 kilometers of lanes reserved for public transport. The lane is also used by police officers, constables, rescue workers, or taxi drivers. Some places are also designed for cyclists.

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