Labor Department employees sign petitions demanding decent working conditions. According to the trade unionists who wrote the petition, many workers have reached their mental and physical limits. According to them, social security payments could collapse. An organization called People in Need has already brought attention to this issue. The Labor Department said it was focused on addressing the situation in its offices.

This petition is available at Aktuálně.cz and is supported by trade unions of state agencies and organizations of the Czech Republic Labor Service. This document contains 10 points explaining that the current employment agency situation is very important. At the same time, authorities are handling a total of 22 uninsured social benefits for hundreds of thousands of citizens.

The petition’s authors say employees are subject to negative reactions from clients who either unacknowledge or direct a small amount of anger at employees. problem,” warns trade unionist Jan Exner.

The petition therefore asks the government to honestly inform the public about the real functioning of digitization in benefits paid by the Department of Labor. “The public should be aware that only the submission of applications by clients is done online and all other processes rely on physical handling by employees. The processing is stricter than the benefits required by the standard method – directly at the agency’s office,” the document said.

Its authors also criticize that information about upcoming steps and changes is released to the public earlier than the employees themselves, which causes further complications.

“Workers have reached their mental and physical limits, threatening the collapse of social security payments on which the public relies so much,” the document said.

Employees who have signed the petition also refuse to continue working beyond their scheduled working hours. They require overtime work to be ordered in advance by employers and paid in accordance with relevant laws.

We are also noticing an increase in office vacancies right now. One reason is the low salaries for these positions.

People impose fines on unpaid deposits

At the end of August, an organization called People in Need called attention to the worsening situation at the Department of Labor. “More and more people are being contacted by people who are unable to discuss their issues at work in employment offices within a reasonable period of time,” said Jan Czerny, representing the organization at the time. I got

“Unfortunately, with the ongoing energy crisis, the situation is projected to get worse. Under the circumstances, it is impossible to find replacements for them,” he said. he warned.

As a result, he said, people could face tougher penalties for non-payment of energy or get no state support at all when they are entitled to it.

“While accompanying a client, I encountered the fact that a colleague at a staffing agency no longer had the strength to hold on, had more agendas, and confided in me that each time I was laid off from work, my situation became unsustainable. ” continues Czerny.

He points out that the current salary conditions won’t even find new employees. “For example, at his workplace in Prague he has more than 170 workers missing, and more are leaving every month. Starting salary he is below 19,000 crowns, which is only in Prague not a competitive offer,” argues the expert. Organizations are already challenging the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MPSV) to quickly solve their biggest problems with managing benefits.

Colleagues Get Bonuses for Helping, State Claims

Asked by Aktuálně.cz, the ministry said it was focusing on the situation with the Labor Department. “It is true that there have been some very busy jobs for employees recently, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the refugee crisis related to this year’s war in Ukraine,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said.

According to Augusta, the office strives to ensure that employment office services are not restricted in any way. “And this is usually successful, for example, by moving agendas between individual workplaces,” he argues.

A department spokesperson added that the digitization of the agenda should help the situation in the future. “In a nutshell, Prague’s Overloaded Workplace can support the management of benefits by local workplaces where competence permits. Katezhina Sadyrkova is tasked with improving,” added Augusta.

According to him, this concerns a possible salary increase for employees. He recalls that this year, Labor Department employees received “significantly higher remuneration than previously practiced.” , more than 40% higher than in the 2020 covid year.

“Their total income is therefore not only influenced by the basic salary scale. , an average of 27,029 crowns per systematized position,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A total of 22 uninsured benefits

Czech Republic Labor Office spokeswoman Katezyna Belanková reminds that employees currently deal with 22 uninsured social security schemes. In addition, they have undergone many legislative processes, followed by changes and adjustments.

“In practice, this means that there is increasing pressure from clients to the authorities. If the contact office encounters problems while processing applications, it will take immediate steps to ensure proper processing. Above all, help colleagues from other institutions or contact offices,” Belankova claims. However, due to the petition drafting, this is not enough.

According to her, the Labor Office in the Czech Republic currently has 12,133 systemized jobs. Approximately 8,300 out of all employees are the so-called front lines, in direct contact with customers.

“In terms of open systemized positions, we average about 500 per month. In the long-term comparison, the number of open systemized positions has increased slightly,” said Beránková. I am concluding.

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