It looks like a bike for young people, but it can be ridden by men and women of all ages. And even if they drive the “saw”, only a little hum fills the hall. The ePit electric bike is made by a Czech company and he in Prague can ride it all year round in the halls of Zličín.

“I know it in the first minutes and meters,” admits instructor Lukáš Hurych, answering the question of how quickly you can tell if a rider is talented. At the Pitland Hall in Zlitzyn, Prague, he trains visitors who come to ride his motorized pit (ePit), right next to the area where go-karts are used for exchange.

Lukasz, 27, rides a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and teaches people how to ride the ePit. | | Photo: Eva Sulpova

This electric bike was developed by the Czech company Kuberg specifically for the needs of the Pitland project started three years ago by a pair of motorcycle enthusiasts Jirko Matela and Roman Staroba. “This is a completely unique project, unlike anything else in the world. Both the ePit itself and the truck for the public. One Izinovark says:

It is 1/4 the size of a normal road bike, so even children aged 10 to 12 can take on the challenge as long as their feet can touch the ground. But that doesn’t mean a six foot tall guy can’t ride it. His three-quarter size of a pit bike is actually far more suitable for honing his driving skills.

Thanks to a single transmission that is easy to operate and doesn’t require gear shifting, the motorcycle is “revived” by a magnet called the Ripper that hangs on the driver’s left wrist. As soon as the rider stops, the magnet has to be torn off and the electric drive is switched off. Electricity is enough in pitland for him to run for 3 to 5 hours and from a normal outlet he will be fully charged in 2 hours.

The machine itself weighs around 85 kilograms and the electric motor provides 13.5 kW of power. Only the best rider activates the best gear and the machine he starts at a speed of 60 km/h. It takes him two seconds to get to it from zero.

The track record was held until mid-week by ‘our’ instructor Lukasz Hürich, who was able to complete the 250m track in 21:50 seconds. In Pittland he has been working for three years. He’s a biker, of course, and owns a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. By the way, he tried to get on the track with his 9 turns and his 1 sharp chicane. “But it was more fun. It was late here,” he laughs, who himself started riding a Honda CBF 125 at the age of 16, then his father’s Ducati.

I had a training session with him that afternoon, followed by three straight trips to the track, and a good half of the visitors were women. Our trio is also all women. However, the instructor doesn’t think it’s common and that women have fallen in love with the ePit. In the environment, either female bikers who want to improve, or female bikers who want to experience what they’re doing, and we have really very skilled females, and instructors who are fast as hell.” she adds.

Pitland is fun for everyone. Many riders who want to start riding motorcycles in early spring and want to get in shape for winter come. You can improve your driving skills under the guidance of an instructor, and those who want to ride a motorcycle first come here to see if a driver’s license is right for them. Or just have fun.

The ePit is electric and a bit smaller than a regular motorcycle, but handles and rides like a typical unicycle. “I myself have taken a lot from the ePita to the big bike, for example better posture and especially body movements,” he thinks Lukáš Hurych.

According to the instructor, it is precisely the coordination of movements that determines whether a driver is talented. “And he doesn’t even have to be a motorcyclist. When a person sports it helps a lot when it’s shown on a motorcycle. Then he learns to do everything right all at once much faster – To find a place for him to go “to brake well and keep his balance,” says the long-time snowboarding, surfing and bowling instructor.

The best part about Pitland is that all of the above can be submitted in a safe environment regardless of the weather. And when someone overdoes it and falls occasionally, it’s usually no worse than a bruise.

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Photo: Pitland

“Our” group of women who came to try out ePity have motorcycle experience. Lenka rides a Harley Sportster, Michael rides her Yamaha in her 90’s, I ride her Honda in her 70’s vintage, scooters and small motorcycles of all types and ages.

Pitland can also be used as an opportunity to practice what you are not good at. For example, if your right leg is very prominent, you can prioritize your left leg when training. Or draw a figure eight in a direction that is difficult to drive. His one corner of the track is very slippery and will test your quick reactions. Sharp chicanes allow him to practice changing center of gravity, driving technique and correct track. A fun competition during training was to see who was the slowest. This is how easy it is to successfully train your balance on the bike. I will try it on my Honda this weekend.

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