“For us, the important result is for a woman or a man to sit in Prague Castle representing the Czech Republic with dignity, where there will be no doubt about the pro-Western orientation, when they defend and respect the Constitution, its spirit and our traditions, and he will be a truly worthy Head of State. This will be a truly worthy head of state,” said the Prime Minister. It is our main objective and we will adapt our strategy to it.”

Fiala: Even in the municipalities, we prefer a coalition of five. But I can’t promise you that it will work everywhere

According to him, there is a deeply divided society in the Czech Republic, part of which is very disturbed by what is happening with energy prices. “Populist and extremist forces are trying to exploit these fears and fears. On the other hand, many figures from the democratic political camp have emerged who want to run for the presidency and seem to have the support of the public.”

At the same time, he admitted that the party is thinking of supporting one of the three names Peter Pavel, Danush Nerodova and Pavel Fischer. “Yes, this is also one of the options as there appears to be some basic public trust and some prerequisites for electoral success,” he added.

You can watch the recording of Peter Viala’s third debate with Denek here:

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Grandma’s head?

But the question still remains about the candidacy of ANO President Andrei Babis. “It is not very easy to understand what Andrej Babis is doing. In addition, he used to say something different in the morning than in the afternoon. But if someone is walking around the Czech Republic, campaigning and even walking around places where you do not work His movement at all, it means that he can not get support for the municipal elections or the Senate there, then I can only conclude from this: is preparing to run for the office of the president. In the end, Andre Babesi has not ruled it out yet ”, believes the Prime Minister.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

My job is to do the right things, Prime Minister Peter Fiala responds to the criticism

However, according to various polls, Babish’s support is not clear. After all, it can also refer to something magazine poll73 percent of readers spoke out against Babish’s candidacy for president. Even the former prime minister himself recently spoke about the fact that he would like to return to the premiership.

Should we expect Babish to fight later on for the prime minister’s seat? “I don’t know what he is aiming for, but when there are parliamentary elections, he can stand again at the head of the YES movement, which he is still in, although he says he will not run. He can try to win the trust of the citizens, and the citizens will judge what It is in a democracy, if we do it well and they want us to keep it going, or if they want some change. That’s how democracy works. But it doesn’t bother me now.”

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