The English monarch has been head of the Church of England since 1531. This also applies to the new King Charles III, who has been engaged in interfaith dialogue for decades. He has made no secret of his favorable attitude towards Islam and Islamic civilization, and has been the target of conspiracy theories in the past.

Middle East Eye named him the most Muslim monarch in British history this week. According to the American magazine Time, Karl’s “unique relationship with Islam” could serve as a bridge to connect today’s Britain, a highly religiously diverse country.

Like Prince Charles, he opposed attributing collective guilt to the Muslim community, even when terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda and Islamic State affected Britain. He called Islamist terrorism a perversion of Islam. At the same time, he called on Muslims to remove hateful extremists and terrorists from their ranks and keep their distance.

Al-Qaeda attacked the country in 2005, and suicide bombers blew themselves up on the London Underground and buses. The attack cost him 52 lives. In 2017, a so-called Islamic State bomber blew himself up during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 people. There have also been several instances of Islamists attacking crowds in Britain with knives and cars.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Charles visited a Muslim community at a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London, after a crime when a man motivated by hatred of Islam rammed his van into a group of Muslims. .

build a bridge

I am also interested in Charles III Islamic art and am studying Arabic. When visiting Islamic countries or meeting with Muslim leaders, he sometimes quoted from the Quran. In 2020, he arrived in Israel and the West Bank just before the coronavirus pandemic hit. In Bethlehem we saw not only the Church of the Nativity, but also the Mosque of Omar.

“I’m trying to build bridges between different religions so we can learn from each other and be strong together,” he said in Bethlehem.

Last November, he was in Cairo, where he also participated in a debate with Muslim clerics at the thousand-year-old Al-Azhar University. Did.

“Islam is part of our past and present in all aspects of human activity. It helped create modern Europe and is part of our own heritage,” the monarch declared.

He said Britain’s Muslim community, which numbers around three million and makes up 5% of the UK population, contributes to the cultural wealth of the entire island nation.

Charles III He also founded and continues to support the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, one of the world’s most respected research institutions in the field.

British journalist and author Robert Jobson, who specializes in the royal family, claims to be Charles III. He strongly opposed his 20-year-old invasion of Iraq. In a private conversation with Four Eyes, he is said to have told then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair that it was insanity to send troops to Iraq to build democracy. , supported US President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, and British forces participated in the invasion.

Theory of Islamic Faith

However, the new king’s stance has faced criticism from those who hate Islam and find it dangerous. However, he does not publicly recognize it as he will lose his right to the throne.

For example, Daniel Pipes, an American political scientist who specializes in the Middle East, wrote an article enumerating Prince Charles’ welcoming gestures and words to Muslims and questioning whether the monarch was really a secret convert. . Buckingham Palace officially replied that it was nonsense when Cyprus’ Mufti (Muslim cleric) expressed the same opinion in 1996.

Curiously, there have been conflicting conspiracy theories about the prince and the royal family in the past. and died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Video: The King asked his assistant to bring him a pen

Asking Charles III’s assistant to pick up his pen | Video: Reuters

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