Former Governor of Central Bohemia, Petr Bendol (ODS), told the court that he was unaware of the pressures and doubts associated with the Chapi’s Nest project when he approved the grant. has to go through an evaluation procedure and multiple checks. He added that Sparrow’s Nest was one of hundreds of projects he didn’t remember anything specific about.

According to the indictment, former deputy chairman of Chapi Hunizd Plantation, Jana Nagyova, with the help of Andrey Babis (ANO), allegedly fraudulently created the impression that her company was a small business. ing. 50 million subsidy conditions.

Bendor testified as a witness that he did not know Nagy and that he had “correct political relations” with Babis. “We met once a few times, but we didn’t know each other,” he said of the ANO opposition movement leader and former prime minister.

Bendl was Governor of Central Bohemia from 2000 to 2008 and also chairman of the Regional Council of the Central Bohemian Solidarity Region. In February 2008, Nagyová applied to the Council for a grant from the NUTS 2 Regional Operations Program to support the business her infrastructure and tourism services. According to her indictment, she did so “with the intention of obtaining unauthorized public assistance” against Falma Chapi Hunizd.

The council agreed to provide subsidies. “It’s been years. I always had a list of recommended projects,” says Bendl. He added that the council had no choice but to approve the recommended project, which he said the Chapi Nizd multifunctional conference complex was one of hundreds of projects, and he could not be specific about it. He added that he did not remember anything.

When asked by one of the Judiciary Committee members, he added that the methodology for providing subsidies is complex, with each project having to meet dozens of conditions. “I hope not,” he said when asked if the terms could be interpreted differently. “We were convinced that this was a small business,” she testified in court Monday.

Farma Čapí hnízdo did not qualify for the subsidy, according to the indictment. This is because Babiš’s relationship with her Agrofert holdings “obviously gave her access to financial resources for the implementation of the project without difficulty.” Nagyová also hid from her officials that it was her Babiš who actually controlled her company, prosecutors allege.

Both Babish and Nagyoba deny guilt. They said he would face 10 years in prison from his five years, and prosecutors suggested they give them a suspended fine.

According to the indictment, the subsidy payments caused damages to the Regional Councils of the Central Bohemian Solidarity Region of 50 million crowns, of which 42.5 million crowns were provided by the European Regional Development Fund and 3.75 million crowns each from the state budget. provided. and the budget of Central Bohemia. The woodpecker’s nest is now owned by Imova, a property owned by Agrofert, which returned a disputed subsidy to the state in 2018. Babiš said he owned Agrofert until February 2017, after which he invested in a trust fund.

Video: What will be the outcome of the trial? What Babis knew and didn’t know will be key, says Kurtina.

“What Andrei Babis knew and didn’t know will be the key to the court. The defense and the prosecution are ready. It will depend on what they do.” Video: Daniela Pizarobikova

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