Architect and urban planner Petr Hlavacek is running for mayor of Prague as an independent from STAN. He says he still likes the move, even after the dosimeter case. Like the now accused Petr Hrvucek, he was deputy mayor, but he claims he knew nothing about it. In an interview with Aktuálně.cz, he most wanted a new Philharmonic building in Prague. Otherwise, the Czech Republic will “fall into chaos”.

I have no choice but to start with the recent arrest of your colleague Petr Hrvucek. Because to “his” STAN you are the leader of the election. Have you ever considered not going to vote at all?

The mayors of STAN I know all over the country are very kind to me. I think they do a lot of work. That’s why I finally decided to go vote.

However, Stan’s tastes go down a lot. How do you want to be successful in Prague under the current circumstances?

It is true that STAN has seen better polls than the 5% it currently has in the Czech Republic. But we look out for ourselves and strive to show people that there are topics that can be done. In addition, we radically changed the candidate list for Prague. I think this is very interesting and provides quality people with different generations and professional perspectives. And in addition to the development that everyone rightfully expects from me, we value a socially empathetic city with an emphasis on education.

Both you and Hrvucek were deputy mayors. We would have been on the same shortlist had the dosimeter incident not erupted. From this we can conclude that you were close to each other. Are you blaming yourself now?

I was closer to him than anyone on this floor of this building. I don’t know what I should have done differently in this matter. Should I have called the police for his sometimes rude behavior during meetings?

nothing happened to you?

But there is a lot of gossip about everyone here. Here is a complete gossip generator. I am mainly focused on my work. I didn’t have a close relationship with him. And if anyone claims they knew, they should have acted. Is someone allegedly blackmailing an entrepreneur? A gentleman got an order and they threatened him not to give it to him, and he frantically threw an envelope containing money at them. Or just below? It’s absolutely awful. I didn’t know anything.

Didn’t you really even have a clue?

I do not understand.I had many discussions with him, and they were always about professional matters. I think this is exactly the same ethical failure. (Scheinherr, Prague’s own transport agent, filed criminal charges against groups around Petr Hlubcek – editor’s note)I have a different reaction to people I trust.

Have you been in touch with Petr Hrvucek since then?


He was released from custody. Didn’t you have to confront him?

We were never close. I have never been to his house.

I just didn’t want to leave

Go to various Prague projects and events during the past election period. According to opposition leader ODS Bohuslav Svoboda, Prague is dead and he is running at 30%.

This is not entirely true. Prague is developing, it is alive, construction is done here, private investors build buildings, trams are built, Metro D is built, the city is being redesigned to what the ring can allow. increase. I like Docent Svoboda. I respect him, but he is not telling the truth.

But you may rule Prague with him.

But I don’t mind at all. From morning to night, I try to discuss technical matters with everyone. However, I am sorry to hear such words from the associate professor.

Who do you want to rule with?

ANO and SPD are not used. Each has made it clear that we will deal with all Democrats.

how should it be converted?

It will probably start acting democratically, have primaries, have some kind of democratic structure.

Patrik Nacher, the leader of the ANO in Prague, claims that the ANO is democratic and he was democratically elected, but when you changed her after the dosimeter incident, you made the STAN candidate yourself. I decided with

Patrick is fine. He deals with some parliamentary topics, but I think there are others in this city. I’m looking for a solution. Sometimes it’s not what I imagine is a matter of negotiation and agreement.

Petr Hlavacek. | | Photo: Jakub Prihal

But let’s stop at that candidate. Isn’t it true that you named it after yourself? You took someone away and added someone else.

I will explain. I made it clear at STAN that I would either redo the candidate in Prague or decline. And at his STAN General Assembly in Prague he recognized that this was an undemocratic procedure, but by creating a working group to better prepare the list of candidates for the future. can be balanced. Until now, Petr Hlubuček maintained relatively centralized control of his STAN in Prague.

it means he made a decision he?

yes. Consider that after his arrest he had three weeks to finalize a candidate. It’s like giving up or trying to drive when your car breaks down, when you have to drive through Paris-Dakar, probably no one will be offended. We worked a lot here in Prague. I just didn’t want to leave.

I want tourists to walk through modern architecture

What does a lot of work mean?

There were many. For example, we completely changed the atmosphere of the city. Created a methodology for investor participation. We began to agree on where the school would stand, for example, rather than the obstacles. Investors see us as partners. As a result, the largest number of apartments in the long term began to be built. We have also significantly changed the zoning plan change period and canceled many changes.

But your opponents question whether most of the apartments are actually being built, arguing that the project started earlier so your management can invest the money now.

everyone is right. Project preparation takes a long time. So some projects were actually started under the previous leadership. For example, consider the construction of Metro D that we started. But Mayor Adriana Kurnachova already took responsibility for the fact that the project was not stopped, the land was purchased and the whole project was underway. Likewise, important steps have been taken so that the construction of the Philharmonic building can begin.

And does he start? Some mayoral candidates have already admitted that the current economic climate may delay the project.

i know patrick (nature) He says I should give him the money. But he doesn’t know I don’t have the money because he deals with parliamentary matters. Money is only for project work. But if we stop them, the Philharmonic building will not exist for decades to come and this country will be in chaos.

This is similar to the city circuit. He wouldn’t have been around for long either if we hadn’t kept him ready when he completely collapsed and was badly designed. This is a very important project. It is difficult and takes a very long time until everything is designed and approved. But if we politicians don’t pay attention to it, nothing will happen in Prague.

How would you rate the cooperation with Mayor Zdenek Fujibe?

Individual mayors of Prague have recently cooperated with several construction companies. Mrs. Kurnachova was indeed very intelligent. Social relations were rather weak, but during its existence the zoning decisions of metro D were preserved, furniture competitions were held and floodplains were created. A relatively large team completed the Sustainable Mobility Plan applied by Adam Scheinherr.

We’re already starting to see a little bit of what has been done here in the past period, but it’s more likely we’ll see results at the end of the next election period. Thanks to Zdenek for letting us work.

As an architect and city planner, how do you see Prague developing?

You want tourists to come by train to a Philharmonic concert, spend four days there, walk around modern architecture, and book a castle for just one day.

You’re probably talking about the very distant future.Because of modern architecture, Prague has only the Dancing House, and perhaps in a few years time the Philharmonic Orchestra.

That’s why you should keep your fingers crossed for the Philharmonic Orchestra.

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