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In the Czech Republic, fuel became cheaper again last week, with diesel prices falling below 44 crowns per liter. On weekdays, diesel was 73 pennies cheaper per liter, and on Wednesday the driver paid an average of 43.97 kroner per liter. The best-selling Natural 95 petrol is priced at an average of 38.35 kroner per liter at petrol stations, up from 74 kroner a week ago. This is due to his CCS data tracking prices.

Except for the end of the holidays, fuel prices in the Czech Republic have been cheaper since the beginning of July, with petrol at its lowest point since the end of February.

“Fuel prices in the Czech Republic continue to fall below $1,000 per tonne, with diesel still below $1,000 per tonne following a decline on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange. Oil, hovering around $90 per barrel, also contributes to the decline Conversely, a weakening dollar against the Czech currency will not contribute to lower fuel prices,” said XTB analyst Jzy Tirecek.

Purple Trading analyst Petr Lajsek said oil prices are being held down by global recession fears and a strong US dollar. “Further rate hikes in the US will probably make the US dollar even more attractive. This does not bode well for higher oil prices, so the downward trend in fuel prices may continue,” he said.

Analysts have noted that the price gap between petrol and diesel continues to widen, but according to Lycek, the temporary cut in excise tax on petrol will no longer apply at the beginning of October. The difference is likely to change. For diesel, on the other hand, it will apply until at least the end of next year.

Despite the cuts, fuel prices are still significantly higher than they were a year ago. Gasoline cost him 4.50 crowns more than in the previous year, and last year motorists paid about 12 crowns less for diesel.

The cheapest gasoline is refueled by drivers in the Karlovy Vary region and costs an average of 37.95 crowns per liter. Diesel is the cheapest in the Hradec Kralove region, selling for an average of 43.51 crowns per liter. Conversely, the most expensive fuels are offered by Prague pumps, averaging 38.98 crowns per liter of petrol and 44.79 crowns per liter of diesel fuel.

At the beginning of the holiday, the average natural price approached 48 crowns per litre, the highest ever. The price of diesel was about the same as then, and only increased in the spring, immediately after the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Fuel prices fell during the holidays, stopped falling after the holidays, and started to fall again after September.

The government has taken several steps to combat the sharp rise in fuel prices. Among other things, the excise tax on petrol and diesel has been reduced by 1.50 kroner per liter for four months from the beginning of June. On Wednesday, President Milos Zeman signed into law the excise tax reform bill, which approved an extension of the excise tax cut on diesel until the end of next year.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic (CZK/l) as of 21 September 2022:

region Natural 95 oil
CR 38.35 43.97
Prague 38.98 44.79
central bohemia 38.72 44.36
south bohemia 38.14 43.70
Pilsen 38.57 44.20
Karlovy Vary 37.95 43.61
Usti 38.12 43.75
liberetsky 38,38 44.15
Kralovehradecki 37.99 43.51
Pardubice 38.13 43.52
highlands 38.65 44.12
South Moravia 38.60 44.14
Olomouc 38.56 44.32
Zrinsky 37.99 43.66
Moravian Silesian 38.06 43.75

Source: CCS

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