Czech regional radio station Radio Olomouc has a new headquarters after 73 years. The journalists moved from the old town hall to a former furniture store. The building on Pavelčákova Street dates back to 1912 and was one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Austria-Hungary. The radio station bought the house four years ago, and it has been completely renovated.

The transformation of the former store was designed by studio Opava Ateliér 38. The former stores now contain offices and recording studios, and the central part with hallways and atrium was sensitively adapted by the architects to existing safety regulations. Thanks to the glass roof, the house looks like a temple or a church.

“In the process and during the actual execution, it was fascinating to discover how high the technique, aesthetic and craftsmanship of our ancestors was. And how much freer their actions were more than a hundred years ago, freed from the many regulations of today. By purchasing the former shop building by Český with radio and rebuilding it, The object has gained a gracious new function and the chance for a second life,” thought architects Tomáš Bindr and Martin Struhal of Atelier 38.

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