As a prince, the new British monarch, Charles III, spoke. The first speech in which he drew attention to environmental destruction. That was in his 1970s, when the public, who didn’t pay much attention to the topic, saw him as the “mad prince.” However, over time, Charles has become one of the world’s most respected environmentalists. As king, however, he loses the opportunity to publicly express his opinion.

“I can no longer devote so much time and energy to charities and topics that touch me deeply.” said in his first royal speech Last Friday, the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He has founded organizations focused on a variety of topics, from education to the integration of foreigners, but his work so far has been dominated by one theme: environmental protection and sustainable development. It was a target.

Already in February 1970, the 21-year-old prince was the first to mention the dangers of pollution.

“We are now facing the devastating effects of cancerous pollution of all kinds. The growing threat of marine oil pollution that has nearly destroyed our coasts and is certain to kill tens of thousands of seabirds, factories and chemical plants. Chemical pollution from He had polluted the atmosphere by the fumes and fumes of factories and by the gases of countless cars and planes at the time, according to a British newspaper, The Guardian of Wales.

He also talked about the problems caused by overuse of plastic. “Considering that each person produces about 900 grams of waste per day and 55 million people on this island use non-recoverable bottles and unbreakable plastic packaging, the waste pile is It’s not hard to imagine that we have to deal with it,” he added.

But he did not meet with understanding. Royal biographer Penny Junorova told The Washington Post, “At first everyone thought he was a weirdo, a crazy prince with crazy ideas. I ignored it,” he said.

The Prince’s reputation as a freak was also enhanced by the Prince’s other activities. For example, in 1986 he set up a regenerative organic farm on one of his plots, which no other farmer did at the time. He also had a mansion in Scotland, which, according to an American newspaper, resembled a “mud hole” and was rebuilt in a garden with a farm open to the public. Various ideas for landscape restoration are currently being tested here.

Charles III He also addresses nature with female pronouns, talks to flowers, and wishes trees to “thrive.”

His cars run on biofuel made from white wine and whey, 90% of his property and office use renewable energy, and so far the King has eaten meat, fish and dairy several times a week. did not eat At the same time, however, they often rely on commercial airline transport, which contributes to more greenhouse gas emissions than regular commercial flights or rail transport.

But it took decades for the public consciousness to fit what Prince Charles was claiming at the time. “He’s no longer a weirdo,” believes Junorova.

Surprise when visiting Czech castles

Charles received the GCC Global Leader of Change Award in 2017 for his commitment to protecting the environment and his vision for a better future. In 2010, during a visit to Brno, the local Masaryk University awarded him the Grand He Gold Medal in recognition of his interest in the environment and sustainable development. This was the dozen times the future king visited the Czech Republic, namely Czechoslovakia.

For example, in 1991, during a visit to Jezezi Castle in the Ousti region, he inspected a surface lignite mine. “He wasn’t surprised because we took him out onto the terrace and he could see the shaft. I thought he was dreaming. Here we are.” What has been done to nature is completely unreal,” the former lord of the castle, recalled by a Czech television report.

“He’s probably the most important environmentalist in history,” Tony Juniper, an adviser to the prince for several years and co-author of two books, told The Guardian. , energy and passion.He has an incredible depth of knowledge and his influence is absolutely immense,” he says.

As an example of the Crown Prince’s influence, German television station Deutsche Welle cites the 2009 meeting of the G20 group of the world’s largest economies in London. Outside of official meetings, representatives from all nations gathered at Clarence House, the official residence of the heir to the throne, except then-U.S. President Barack Obama, who was having an audience with Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to this meeting, the richest countries donated her £6 billion (175 billion crowns, according to the exchange rate at the time) to protect the Amazon rainforest.

pass the baton

While in the role of prince, he had a freer government as King Charles III. He is completely out of political debate. He responded to a question about whether he would continue to participate in the public debate four years ago. “I don’t. I’m not that stupid,” Fortune magazine quotes from an interview.

“There was never a doubt. It was always clear that whatever he was doing would come to an end when he took over his new role,” explained Jonathon Porritt, a former adviser to the new king. To do. However, he believes Charles III will be kept secret. He continues to strive for a more sustainable future. For example, in regular meetings with the Prime Minister of the country between the four eyes, he can express his opinion.

“Whoever becomes prime minister should expect a fairly lively personal conversation about all wrongdoing,” Politta said, according to The Guardian. “They have to prepare for it.

According to Tony Juniper, the era of royals speaking out publicly on environmental issues is far from over. Prince William, who was allegedly bullied as a child for picking up trash while walking, is also working to protect the environment and solve climate change. Last year, he founded the Earthshot Prize, which recognizes pioneering solutions to climate change.

“It seems to me that (Charles III) has passed the baton,” Juniper told British newspaper The Independent. when he showed this in his first speech. “But I know this important task will continue to fall into the hands of others.

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