The unusual meeting was held on Friday at the grounds of the Constitutional Court in Brno. Deputies and senators of various political parties from Moravia remembered his 1200 from the first mention of the Moravians. Many people came in costume. They claimed they only wanted to commemorate the historic event at the place where the Moravian Council first met.

When politicians from different parties meet in the Parliament and Senate in Prague, things often spark between them. But there was a completely different atmosphere at the meeting held at the Constitutional Court building in Brno on Friday. The Chileans kept in touch with each other and nothing was resolved to divide them.The event marked the 1200th anniversary of the Moravian being first mentioned. Many of them wore costumes that indicated which region of Moravia they came from.

Signing the declaration was part of the event. “We declare that we are aware of the historical consciousness of Greater Moravia and of the national traditions of the Czech Crown State, with which Moravia has always formed the basis of a common state with the Czechs. Knowing the history of one’s own country is the basis for good relations between a citizen and the state in which he lives,” the text says, but this has no practical impact.

Radek Vondraček (yes) | Photo: Radek Bartnicek

Originally, the head of the Chamber of Commerce Marketa Pekalova Adamova (TOP 09) was also scheduled to appear, but just before that, she fell ill and apologized. Brno-born and resident Brno Minister of Justice Pavel Blazek (ODS) also apologized.

The meeting was convened by Radek Vondráček (ANO), chairman of the House Constitutional Committee. He claims he was only interested in recalling history. “I wanted this day to be remembered by parliamentarians before the communists arrested the autonomous government of Moravia,” said Vondler, who last year proposed dividing the Czech Republic into constituencies of Bohemia and Moravia. Chek said. The proposal won him eight votes in the Constitution Committee, but did not make it to the House-wide session and was placed under the seat.

“This is a truly symbolic meeting. Let no one make us separatists. On the contrary, I am a supporter of the European Union, whose motto is unity in diversity. Moravia will be united, Moravia will not be divided,” declared Vodraček. However, he prepared laws establishing flags for Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. “These will be used appropriately in a variety of situations,” he pointed out.

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