Queen Elizabeth II of England. Americans, including the president, liked them very much. She had their respect and respect. She was one of her anchors in a “special relationship” between the US and the UK. It will not be easy for her son, the new King Charles III, to continue this tradition.

Except for Lyndon B. Johnson, Elizabeth II. She personally met and knew every post-war U.S. president. And she got them all, starting with Harry Truman: “When I was a kid, I read about fairy-tale princesses, and this is one of them,” Truman said in her 1951 welcomed her to the White House in 2016. Even as Princess Elizabeth she soon became queen.

when Elizabeth II. When visiting the White House again in 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower wore an award given to him by his father George the VI as a former commander of Allied forces in Europe during World War II. I was wearing it.

Two years later, Eisenhower visited the Queen again. She welcomed him to her favorite, Balmoral Castle. Her attention could not escape the American president’s fondness for Scottish pancakes (dropped scones in English), so she sent him the recipe afterward.

John F. Kennedy was the first President of the United States to receive the Queen’s hospitality in person at Buckingham Palace with his wife Jacqueline. But according to historians on both sides of the Atlantic, she was probably even closer to Ronald Reagan on her long horse at Windsor Castle, says Politico magazine.

In return, Reagan’s successor in the White House, George Bush Sr., took her to Baltimore for baseball. But her son George Bush Jr. made her mistake when he hosted her at the White House in 2007 and wanted to commemorate her one of her earlier visits to the United States in 1976. was

Queen Elizabeth II. and she became US President George W. Bush in 2008.Photo: Reuters

However, he crossed himself and referred to 1776 instead. Realizing this, he glanced at the Queen before returning to the audience: “She looked at me so that only her mother could see her child,” he told those in attendance. .

The Queen then gave a toast at the banquet. During the toast, President Bush replied, “Your Majesty, I won’t get over it.”

Elizabeth II ‘Irish’ Biden also yielded

It wasn’t just because of Elizabeth’s age that even current President Joe Biden remembered his own mother when he met her. . After his last visit to the Queen in Windsor last June, Biden spoke of Elizabeth II. So, she was very kind.”

His mother’s family came from Ireland. When Biden met Elizabeth II in person for the first time during a visit to London in 1982 when he was a U.S. Senator, he received rigorous “Irish” lessons from her mother. “Don’t bow her head to her. You’re Biden,” she instructed her son.

Elizabeth II. She was strictly politically neutral in her public appearances. But, for example, according to American spokesman Oliver Wiseman, her natural authority is the history of the “quiet strength” of the Anglo-American alliance, the “special relationship” and Prime Minister Winston Churchill. first called it at Fulton’s March 1946 speech.

How America Taught England

One of the best examples is the aforementioned 1976 trip to Washington for the 200th anniversary of American independence. It was no easy task for the Queen of England to personally attend the celebrations in 1776 when her 13 colonies of America declared independence from the British Kingdom and established an independent United States of America. There was not.

Elizabeth II. She didn’t arrive in the US directly on her Independence Day, which is July 4th. As The New York Times cited a source from the British Embassy in Washington at the time, “That would be overkill. There are limits to forgiveness.” gave a speech.

“Independence Day should be celebrated in England as grandly as it is in America. I am not happy about the separation of the American colonies from the British crown, but I am very pleased that this great republic has given England so much.” “I am deeply grateful for the valuable lessons you have taught me. I have learned to respect the right of others to govern independently in their own way,” declared Elizabeth II.

US President Barack Obama and UK Queen Elizabeth.  in 2011.

US President Barack Obama and UK Queen Elizabeth. | 2011.Photo: Reuters

Heir to the British throne, Charles III, is well known in the United States and has visited many times. His service in secret in the United States has his codename “Unicorn”.

Except for Jimmy Carter, Prince Charles has met every president since Richard Nixon. However, Charles later commented on his first visit to America in 1970, which he did with a rather ironic touch.

“It was very funny. That was when they tried to marry me to Tricia Nixon,” Charles recalled to American TV CNN, noting that the president’s daughter was most attentive to him during the visit, Richard Nixon personally thought a lot about what they could do… put it with the then 21-year-old prince.

In the US, Charles mourned the death of Diana

This story shows that Charles’ view of America, and America’s view of him, was always more complex and ambiguous than his mother’s. . Perhaps he will not be able to match the popularity of Elizabeth II in America. Certainly not now, and probably never.

British journalist Ella Creamer refers to a poll conducted by Queen Elizabeth II in text for the Politico news website. Always much more popular than Charles in America. For example, in a May survey this year, 63% of her respondents perceived her positively, but only one-third of Americans saw Charles. rice field.

Prince Charles got even worse in February this year in a survey in which Americans ranked current and former members of the British royal family according to their popularity. Charles remained in ninth place.

According to journalist Creamer, this explains part of his problem with the American public, his failed marriage to Diana and her tragic death. , due to the breakdown of his much-loved marriage to Diana in America,” Creamer wrote.

the climate will probably go backwards

She’s not the only one to turn our attention to another reason for Charles’ lack of popularity in America. As American radio station NPR wrote, Charles was “on a political excursion,” in contrast to the rigorous and anxious observation of Elizabeth II’s independence, which she didn’t even vote for. It was, for example, his work in the environmental field and, above all, the fight against the effects of climate change.

“Things can be complicated by the fact that, especially in the United States, Charles III is a much more political figure than his mother,” columnist Wiseman also points out.

As a prince, he had long sought to wield the influence of a highly prominent figure, yet was not bound by the duties and restrictions of the head of the monarchy. To do so, we must rally our forces as if we were at war,” he wrote on climate change earlier this year.

Now he must decide if and how these activities can be continued publicly. American broadcaster NPR said, “As Charles III begins his reign as Britain’s new monarch, he will use his position as head of state to further a cause he has been passionate about for decades. Attention will be focused on whether or not

Especially in the United States, a large portion of society is more skeptical about the existence and impact of climate change than people in the United Kingdom and most European countries, according to American media, establishing herself as the successor to Queen Elizabeth II. Even more teased.

The End of the “Diplomatic Rush”

Journalist Creamer wrote that “Queen Elizabeth II’s soft, sweet, distinctly apolitical diplomacy fascinated Americans.” “If Charles III continues as an activist, he will not only undermine the reputation of the American public already marked by his flirtations since the 1990s, but will also undermine American interest in the British monarchy. Like that.

According to Weisman, Elizabeth II is the “guardian angel of the special relationship” between America and England. “Will her son Charles III fill the void after her death?” asks an American columnist. On the one hand, he writes, Charles himself had previously argued that his political involvement as monarch would be much less than during his princely years, reflecting, of course, a radical change in his role.

But still, “here in America, it’s easy to imagine him becoming a much more political figure than his mother,” Weisman adds. It’s news.

“Given that a country’s position and influence in the world is determined by more than its wealth and military might, it is hard not to understand that the death of Queen Elizabeth II is a great diplomatic loss for Britain. ” He then answers the question whether he is King Charles III. He can completely replace his mother in this matter.

Video: The Queen said goodbye to the double rainbow

A double rainbow to say goodbye to the Queen. Thousands gathered outside Buckingham Palace. | | Video: Reuters

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