In the Czech Republic, large shops with a sales area of ​​more than 200 square meters must be closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, May 8, September 28, October 28 and December Prohibition of selling during public holidays affected by 25 and 26. On Christmas Day, they are open until noon at most.

“Bira stores will continue to be closed on Czech National Day on September 28,” confirms Dana Bratankova, a spokesperson for the chain.

Exceptions, she said, are Villa shops at Vaclav Havel Airport and the main railway stations in Prague and Brno, which will operate according to normal opening hours on public holidays. “All Vila Top & Shop stores at Shell gas stations will also be available to customers,” the spokesperson added.

Competitors will also be closing on Wednesday 28th September – namely Albert, Lidl, Kaufland, Globus, Tesco and Penny Market stores.

The Time Sales Act has been in force since 2016, and the introduction of the ban was largely driven by trade unionists who wanted to expand it further. Compliance with the holiday sales ban is governed by the Czech Trade Inspection. Under normal conditions, sellers face fines of up to 1 million crowns for non-compliance.

However, it does not apply to stores with a sales area not exceeding 200 square meters, gas stations, pharmacies, stores in places of high passenger concentration at airports, railway stations, bus stations, stores in medical facilities, retail and wholesale businesses. When a state of danger, emergency, national threat or war is declared.

• convenience store
There are thousands of convenience stores in the Czech Republic. About a third of the small shops are owned by Vietnamese merchants. Most often the range is a combination of newsagents, food, household goods or drug stores. Their operations are supervised by the Czech Trade Inspection and Trade Authorities.

• gasoline pump
In addition to the classic range of commodities, the branch of the food chain at the pump is becoming more and more widespread. For example, Billa opened his 24-hour mini-market at his Shell Pumps. The opening hours therefore copy the opening hours of the petrol station itself.

• Individual
Small village shops, as well as various delicatessens and other independent retailers, are free to use their opening hours. A small area also contains most confectionery and health food stores for example.

• Mobile store
The law does nothing for them, but most of them already work only on weekdays.

On the other hand, the ban also applies to bazaars, pawnshops and the purchase of waste.

Efforts to Repeal or Relax Laws

The majority of customers and sellers of other small shops in the Czech Republic were not taken into account by law. constitutional judge.

next to Amendment passed by House of Representatives in fall 2019, which was supported by ANO and ODS MPs. This would at least ease the wholesale supply of small shops and restaurants that are open.

In 2018, former Industry and Trade Minister Marta Novakova, who was also president of the Trade and Tourism Association, spoke out against the law. According to her, states at the central level should not interfere at all with retail and wholesale business hours. “States should not have such ambitions. States should, if possible, create framework conditions for doing business the same for everyone,” she said.

“I strongly believe that if any compromise is to be reached, it must be local. If there are tourist destinations that we want to support, it makes no sense to close them,” she told Us Weekly. said in an interview with Econom.

In addition, for example, the CBA CZ Co-operative, which brings together 900 retail outlets with an annual turnover of about 2 billion crowns, would like to promote: Complete ban on Sunday businessThe ban is intended to help keep small shops in rural areas.

The union states that the law regarding hourly sales at stores is proved himself and the shop 13 consecutive holidaysThe layoff concerns have not materialized, they say, and stores are instead suffering from a shortage of workers. According to the union, retail sales have also not declined year-on-year. “Customers quickly got used to it and our employees, especially those in the chain, are very happy,” said Renáta Burianová, president of the Union of Trade Workers (OSPO), who told ČTK earlier about the law. told to

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