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The Jablonec nad Nisou district court ruled on Thursday the conditional release of doctor Jaroslav Barták from prison, according to server iRozhlas. However, the verdict is not yet final and prosecutors have met the deadline for the complaint. Doctors said he was serving a 12-year sentence for rape, intimidation and sexual coercion and has about a year left on his sentence.

A former boss and co-owner of a polyclinic in Mogiani, Prague, he is serving a prison sentence imposed on him by the court for sexually abusing a female assistant. The Jablonets court dealt with Baltak’s request for conditional release for the third time. Before that, he refused it twice, but he had to go back to it each time, based on Baltak’s successful appeal to the District Court.

If Thursday’s sentence becomes final, the court’s ruling says Baltak will be subject to seven years of supervision, during which he must abstain from alcohol and other narcotic substances.・Judge Hospodka said, “His corrections must be verified. He must record everything at the probation office. He must not commit misdemeanors or criminal acts. If given, he must take it.”

According to the conclusion of the Liberets psychiatrist Yaroslav Truzhitsky’s opinion, from a psychiatric point of view, Baltak’s answering machine is not dangerous. According to iRozhlas, Tržický said:

Between 2006 and 2011, Baltak attacked 10 assistants and threatened the mother of one of them. He caressed and groped women against their will, forced them to have sex, and raped them when they rejected his work and urges. Sometimes he helped himself by drugging girls with chemicals in his drinks. He also threatened his assistant with social and physical liquidation. The court handed down summary sentences to doctors on six counts of rape, five counts of extortion, and charges of sexual coercion, dangerous threats, and drug handling.

Baltak continues to face charges of planning the murder of a lawyer, a priest and a former head of military intelligence when he was already serving his sentence in Liberec Prison after being convicted in 2013. belief. Baltak has defended himself from the beginning by saying he didn’t mean it when he spoke about his plan at the prison debate, which he said was a conspiracy against him. Prosecutors allege he obtained more than 80 million crowns through extortion and wanted to use it to escape prison with the help of a helicopter. I’ve dealt with it, but haven’t made a final decision yet.

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