According to eyewitnesses, relations with the new British King Charles III were very amicable. Former Czech President Vaclav Havel. Thanks to him, he repeatedly returned to the Czech Republic as a prince. He visited not only big cities, but also small villages. According to experts, the king has many positive memories of the Czech Republic, and this is an advantage.

New British monarch Charles III. He knows the Czech Republic very well. He has been a prince five times in total, the last being 12 years ago. President Vaclav Havel invited him to visit Czechoslovakia for the first time in 1991. But it wasn’t just about visiting Prague. Charles III He made repeated visits to Brno, as well as Jezez Castle in Mostek, the ecological village of Hostetin and the site of the Botanics company in Ostré nad Labem.

According to those who met him or accompanied him on his journeys through the Republic, Charles III. A very warm relationship with the Czech Republic. After all, according to former British ambassador and former Havel collaborator Michael Zantovsky, the entire British royal family has very strong ties to the Czech Republic.

“Queen Elizabeth II not only visited us in 1996, but two years later she invited Vaclav Havel to pay an official visit. ‘ explains Zantofsky.

Members of the royal family were fascinated by Vaclav Havel’s personality. Queen Elizabeth II. She invited him to lunch for the first time in late 1989, three months after he was elected president. And according to Jantovsky, the current king even developed a very personal and friendly relationship with Havel. “Havel was one of the few politicians who crossed the boundaries of a formal relationship with Prince Charles,” says Jantovsky.

Both men were united by an interest in history, architecture, or the environment. Not only did we become friends, we started working together. Together they became patrons of the English Grammar School in Prague, established the Prague Memorial Fund and advocated for improvements to the southern gardens of Prague Castle. When Wenceslas his Havel died in December 2011, the prince attended a memorial service in London.

“Prince Charles has brought considerable resources, enormous benefits and a lot of media attention to our country, so he has contributed immensely to the post-revolutionary restoration of the Prague monuments,” said Ladislav, a former spokesman for Havel. Špacek explains.

A monarch travels only two or three times a year

While the king’s relationship with the former Czech president has been above par, the fact that he has visited the Czech Republic on numerous occasions is nothing special, according to interviewed experts.

“As a prince, he spent a lot of time and energy traveling to other countries and regions. It was important to him to build and develop strong inter-relationships with individual states,” he said. Monika Brzenbauf Meislova, an expert on British politics at Masaryk University, said. Charles III After all, according to her, they belong to the most traveling members of the royal family.

Former castle archivist and royal expert Zindřif Forgett also explains that frequent visits to the Czech Republic were not unusual, as the prince visited many other countries. “In Romania, for example, we are very passionate about protecting monuments and the environment. Perhaps we will have a more personal connection with different parts of Europe,” he said Forejt.

But now it’s Charles III’s way. limit. According to Forejt, the British monarch only visits foreign countries two to three times a year. The rules are much stricter than other members of the British family. Planning a monarch’s trip abroad requires a lot of preparation.

“The visit of the crown prince is negotiated with the government, but for monarchs it is more complicated. It has to be based on the recommendation of the government. explains Mr. According to him, it is already clear which countries the monarch will visit in the months ahead.

It remains to be seen if the new king will visit the Czech Republic again. “Queen Elizabeth II last visited us in 1996, so we could already expect her diary to include thoughts about her visit to the Czech Republic.

“I spent the whole night looking at the beautiful city.”

In the near future, according to Charles III. Špacek, his experience in the Czech Republic and his special relationship with Havel were of great benefit. “He knows about our republic, he knows it, he’s been here and has good memories of it and of Vaclav Havel,” says Špacek.

Forejt thinks similarly. “Those who know where the Czech Republic is, who have had the opportunity to know the Czech Republic, who know many cities and monuments, who know us, who are on our side. .”

Both Forejt and Špaček are part of the memory of the British monarch. Forejt, for example, welcomed the prince at Prague Castle during his visit and accompanied Václav Havel. “He stopped and looked out the window and said that when he first came here he was sleeping somewhere. He told his wife that there was a beautiful view of Prague and that he wanted to see it. So we went into the apartment and he went to the window and looked at Prague and said: “Yes, I’ve been standing here almost all night looking at that beautiful city.”

Špacek also adds his recollections: Castle. Brought – edible gold leaf – served,” added Špacek.

VIDEO: In 2010, as mayor, Pavel Bem took Prince Charles to the gardens of Prague Castle.

Video: Aktuálně.cz/Youtube/bempavel

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