Author: Codasip

Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, NXP, Huawei, AMD Xilinx, Intel, Cadence, or Synopsys. These are members or partners of the international organization OpenHW Group, which is now joined by Codasip Brno.

Codasip develops processor cores based on the open RISC-V instruction set, which is a competitor to ARM. Similarly, Codasip is developing EDA’s Codasip Studio software, which can be used to design RISC-V chips.

The OpenHW Group is a group of semiconductor companies that develop standards for hardware, intellectual property, tools, open software, and better interoperability. The group is also part of RISC-V International, with Codasip serving as one of the founding members. Co-founder of Codasip Karel Msaek He became a member of the technical steering committee there last year.

Codasip has investments from Germany, China and the United States. It is trying to become a major European player in RISC-V, similar to SiFive in the United States. In addition to Brno and Prague, it has development centers in Germany, Greece, Spain, France and Cambridge. He hires a number of people for them.

Codasip recently became part of the Intel Pathfinder Program for RISC-V, Intel’s further entry into RISC-V.

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