His wards gain self-confidence and feel valid and able to help others. They go to care for their physically disabled peers, set up sports or competition programs for kindergarten, help out on farms in Těrlicko and above all have been working with a registered association for more than ten years. Adam (Autistic Children and Us) In Havířov.

For this activity, they were awarded the Gratias Tibi Young Volunteer Award in 2017 and reached the finalist of this survey in 2022. Her Results It was officially announced on September 21 at the Vzlet Cultural Center in Vršovice in Prague.

From the Children’s Home to the Baltic Sea. Young cyclists’ journey brought money to those in need

Most of the boys from the children’s home near Havichov wear formal suits and have a lot of fun the whole evening. “We didn’t come here to win today, but to enjoy it as much as possible. We already got the award, so it’s good that someone else is happy with it,” they smile.

“I wanted someone to love these men and respect them for something. So that people would not look down on them just because they went through a reform school. Psychologist Přemysl Mikoláš described the purpose of the activities because no one knows their stories and cannot know what they went through. The founder and director of the association Adam Marie Gerdova praised the program Co. He describes: “Our parents are so grateful to have someone with their autistic child and even look forward to and treat them in a friendly way.” While the boys from the children’s home drive a gym to the gym, the parents can relax in peace. “In addition, he will learn Boys how should things go in normal families. They see that mom and dad persistently take care of their child, despite his disability. ”

“I really enjoyed it. When I help someone, it’s enough for them to be happy and that’s great. I know what it feels like to laugh or be laughed at. It’s good for these boys to know that someone cares for them,” explains Lukasz, one of Terlik’s volunteers. “He gave me confidence. But Mr. Mikulash gave it to me more. I am very grateful to him for many things. If not, I might already be under the train.” He is currently in his third year of mechanical school with a matriculation certificate. “But I definitely don’t want to do mechanical engineering, just to get paper. If it works out, I’d also like to get my bachelor’s degree and be a kindergarten teacher. But I want to keep helping anyway.”

On that occasion, Přemysl Mikoláš made it clear to the boys that the main part of the merit belonged to them, because they dared to enter into the enterprise and accept responsibility. He also urges them not to forget about themselves, in addition to worrying about others.

From a small group to 50 volunteers

“I’m proud to be able to do something like this,” Vlasta adds. Although he lives in another house, he continues to participate in activities with Adam. He says he’s been helping them organize a week-long camp for four years. “We do not exclude them, we do activities with them like normal children. We go on boats, we take a survival course with them,” he enumerates. Vlasta learns to be a gardener and says he would like to be a farmer and drives tractors and combines. “It helped,” he adds.

From left: Psychologists Přemysl Mikoláš, Vlasta and LukášFrom left: Psychologists Přemysl Mikoláš, Vlasta and LukášSource: Diary / Zuzana Hronová

Richard, who has been working on the project for eight years, is sitting next to him. He is the only person who has never lived in a children’s home, he came to the project through Přemysl Mikoláš when, he says, he was suffering “from a difficult period” and had to seek psychological help. “Ordinary people don’t like them very much, so we try to make up for that,” Richard says. “We started as a small group and now there are about fifty of us in camp, maybe more. We will experience a lot and have friends,” says Dominic, one of the teenagers at Adam’s Society.

The good fairies are already going to the children's home in Usti, looking for more volunteers.

We are fairies, man. They help the baby shop with a tight-fitting shirt, and look for other interested parties

Miroslav also belongs to the volunteers from the Children’s Home. He tries to combine volunteer work with elite football. “I didn’t go to some training sessions to see the events with Adam, but I don’t regret it at all,” he says. Describes how he trains with children with autism to properly control their bodies and also teaches them social skills. “We also go on trips with them to open up the world to them and let them learn about its colours. We teach them to travel and not sit at home all the time,” Merrick says. At the end of the academic year, they will be awarded diplomas and awards. He smiles, “Be patient and bear us.” He’s studying to become a construction worker, he’d like to build a superstructure so that he could become a construction manager one day. “Construction is always underway, and there will always be a lot of work in this area,” he boasts.

When asked about the professional advice a psychiatrist would give them for caring for children on the autism spectrum, Přemysl Mikoláš explained that they didn’t need any lengthy preparation and they handled them better than many experts. “Our young people have gone through shit in their lives and are better at empathizing with the needs of others.” He boasts that many men have come back to him after years and are leading organized lives and successful careers. “Of course I know I can’t save everyone. But it’s still good.”

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