Best student summer jobs 2022

by Zero Dime

Summer is the perfect time to get a temporary job and earn some money before the new academic year. To help you get started, here is a list of the best summer studies.

Looking for a little summer job? We know jobs that can boost your CV and earn you decent money.

Your first stop should be our part time job search. You will find a huge range of jobs perfect for students in your area.

And if you want some inspiration, we go through the top summer jobs below. Some, you may well have already thought about. Others are a little more surprising, but ideal.

  • Retail work

    If you can find a job in a shop, it’s a great way to earn money in the summer.

    You will also be able to save a job when you study again, just for a few hours.

    When it comes to retail work, there are a wide range of options. On the market, you might consider high-end chains or independent suppliers.

    Think about which shops are best suited to your interests and career path. For example, if you want to work in publishing, see if there are any publications that have local job vacancies. Or, if you’re in the business of going into business, you could try going to a delicatessen.

    This way, when you are able to make a profit, you will be able to gain experience relevant to your CV.

    Find retail jobs near me »

  • Work abroad

    Vigorous to travel and make money See if you can find a summer job.

    We go through some other business to decide on our full guide to working abroad. There are a few examples;

    You can also look into working at an American summer camp. These are great ways to teach your favorite hobbies with the USA (and earn money in the process!).

    Compare summer camps USA »

  • Work in a restaurant, cafe or bar

    Whether serving as a waiter or waitress, behind the bar or in the kitchen, summer hospitality jobs can be perfect.

    Some companies (especially chain restaurants) have good employee benefits like free food.

    See jobs at cafes, bars and restaurants in your area. Small independent businesses are likely to offer job vacancies by placing a sign in their window, so keep an eye out for them.

    And you can find loads of hospitality jobs for students by clicking below.

    Hospitality jobs with me »

  • TV or film outside

    film set

    Credit: Paul McKinnon – Shutterstock

    Ever thought about working as an extra for a movie or TV show?

    It is a great part-time job to do on term as it involves flexible hours. But, as you can, earn around £80+ per dayhe could make this a very profitable summer job, since he could do more hours off from the university.

    You will find casting agencies »

  • Festivals and events

    If you want to go to events and parties this summer, but you’re short on cash, there’s a pretty good solution: work on them.

    You can find summer jobs in any of the events. Look at job sites to see if you can find opportunities that suit you.

    At music festivals, however, it is common for students to work on a voluntary basis and earn a free ticket instead. It is so good to save money on holiday tickets that you would otherwise pay.

    Voluntary services may include things like litter reductions, extending hands and sales programs.

    You can usually offer for the holidays through alms. Oxfam, for example, has a volunteering festival.

    Volunteers at the festivities at Oxfam.

  • Temp work

    When looking for a summer job, it can help to sign up with a temp agency. They can help you find short-term contract work with good wages.

    There can be a huge range of roles available on temporary contracts. You can find opportunities in admin, customer service, sales, warehouse business, reception and more.

    You could gain something of great value through experience in temp work that would look great on your CV.

    A good place to find flexible and temporary parts is Yes Flex (bottom of page).

    Find temp work with me »

  • You need universities

    Working for your university is easily one of the best jobs for students – and not just part-time.

    In the summer, you will find your work available in different areas such as accommodation, admin and events.

    I chatted as a professional, or as a college student, as a teenager before.

    You will also be able to find temporary jobs by searching on job sites like CV-Library.

    You will find university jobs with me »

  • Pet sitting


    Credit: InBetweentheBlinks – Shutterstock

    Spending time with animals like dogs can be great for mental health. So as long as you love animals, it would be hard to find many better summer jobs than pet sitting.

    We have an entire guide that covers key info on making money from pet sitting. If there is anything you are unsure about in terms of insurance, earnings or how to get started, this page should answer your questions.

    Some of the top places to find pet sitting jobs include, Tailster and Cat on the Flat.

    Find jobs in pet sitting with me »

  • babysitter

    At school, many parents are looking for a couple to get their kids to work for the day.

    As you will have a lot of time in the summer, babysitting to help working parents is the best summer job.

    To find babysitting jobs, you could ask any parents you know if they would be interested in hiring you, such as relatives and aunts/uncles.

    Parents, on the other hand, prefer to hire marriage partners whom they already know and trust. Also, if you already know your children, it will be easier for both you and them.

    Before you get started, it’s worth reading this guide to making money from babysitting. It includes info about DBS checks, where to find jobs and how much you can earn as a matric.

    If you already have experience working as a parent, you may be able to find summer jobs through sites like

    Find babysitting jobs with me »

  • Private tutor

    A great tutor working, both part-time and during the summer.

    Insurance pays well and looks impressive on your CV. It shows that you are knowledgeable in your field and very skilled at explaining complex info in an accessible way.

    See our dedicated guide for key things to know before becoming a private tutor.

    In the guide, there are a few top sites for finding work, one of which is Superprof. There, you can find secured jobs both locally and online. Click below to head to their site.

    Find jobs with me »

  • Try to get a job at work

    There are so many graduate jobs with a job title, it’s a good addition to your CV if you can have experience working as an office manager.

    To find an admin job, our part-time job search tool is a great place to start.

    It might also help to use a recruitment agent.

    And, to extend your search further, there are temporary job administrator jobs posted on job sites like CV-Library.

    A lot of time will be full of these opportunities. But, you will also find parts of the time that fit around your studies when you return to uni.

    Admin office find jobs with me »

  • The cleaner

    If you can clean quickly and to a high standard, this could be an excellent summer job for you.

    Your job as a cleaner will likely involve cleaning houses, hotels, offices, Airbnbs and so on.

    It’s the best-paying part-time jobs for students. So if you can keep a part-time job for the term, it can make a big difference to your income over the year.

    Find cleaning jobs with me »

  • Need for tourist attractions

    Summer might be one of the quietest times of the year for you, but it is the busiest time many the beauty of the city. So it’s no wonder that summer jobs in the city’s attractions are popular with students.

    Rates of available services will vary depending on the attraction. But, as a general rule, you can expect jobs related to government work. Calm, polished and flat, while you want to stay at work in a busy environment, you need it.

    If this sounds like it, this is the perfect summer job.

    Find jobs in attractions near me »

  • Worker

    Working hard for another well-paid summer job.

    It can involve hard physical work. But, if you love to stay active and work outdoors, it’s worth a look.

    Employee roles can involve a variety of functions. You can work in construction, events, roofing, window installation – basically anything that requires manual labor.

    If you can find a summer job with a focused company (like roofing, for example), train as a technician. As a result, your salary should be increased.

    This would help a lot, especially if you want to keep a part-time job for the term, or to make it a full-time job for the next holiday break.

    Find jobs with me working »

  • It pays off

    people with coffee

    Paying student internships is, unfortunately, difficult. However, if you are successful in applying for one, it can provide you with invaluable work experience.

    Focus on the companies you would like to work for. Check their website to see if they are posting summer internships. If they do, check whether it is time to use it.

    Applications often close pretty early. If you missed this year’s notification, put it on your calendar to be one of the first to apply next year when applications open again.

    Can’t find info about internships at the company? Contact him directly. Look online to find the best person to reach out to and ask if there would be a possibility for you to work for them over the summer as an intern.

    If applied correctly, these tips will be most effective. There is an opportunity that could lead to a graduate job, so you can do everything to impress them.

    How to love »

  • Make money online

    If you’re looking for the flexibility that some of the top summer jobs offer, check out these easy ways to make money online.

    There are loads of things you can try. Here are a few examples;

    These are far from the only options. Click the link below for more ideas.

    More ways to make money online »

  • Start a business

    Do you have a business plan? Summer is the ideal time to work on it.

    Make the most of having as much free time as possible, and work on developing your idea and creating a business plan.

    Get top tips on how to find startup funding.

    Your uni years can be a great time to start a business, as we know firsthand. Save Founder’s Student, Owen, took the place in his first year at the University of Manchester. Head to our ‘about’ page to read more about the history of how Save the Student started.

    Small business ideas »

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