Best places to buy cheap trainers and shoes

by Zero Dime

Do you find yourself spending too much money on shoes? We know what it feels like, and we’re here to help you get better. Find the brands you love, just for cheap…

It’s so hard to stay in style when you’re a cracking student, but you don’t want to miss out!

To help you out, we’ve done some research on the best online retailers for cheap shoes and trainers that you can grab at a bargain.

So if you’re looking for a new or near-new one, here’s where to shop to save on your favorites without paying the bank.

  • imperfect schuh

    schuh logo

    • A typical savior – 25% – 80%
    • Cheap delivery – £3 (free at £25)
    • Student discount – 10% off.

    imperfect schuh section of the schuh site where they sell ex-show or signed shoes, usually much cheaper than the RRP.

    Before you buy, you will be shown the actual pictures of the shoes you are going to buy, so that you can assess the damage beforehand (if any). We bought many pairs of shoes from here and they really looked brand new with no marks!

    Visit schuh imperfect »

  • Office Offcuts

    • A typical savior – 25% – 65%
    • Cheap delivery – £3.99 (free over £65)
    • Student discount – No one.

    The imperfect part is schuh like schuh; Office Offcuts the supply is the same as the Office, and likewise the thing passing over from explication.

    One thing we love about Office Offcuts is that they sell “odd sizes,” where one shoe can be a half size or a full size different from the other. Great if you have one foot bigger than the other!

    And make sure to brush the shoe in grades that go from P (‘Perfect’) to G4 (‘OK condition’).

    Visit the Offcuts office »

  • ASOS Outlet

    ASOS logo

    • A typical savior – 25% – 65%
    • Cheap delivery – Free with ASOS TOP
    • Student discount – 10% off.

    You can find great deals for cheap shoes on ASOS Outlet.

    This section of the ASOS site features brands such as Dr Martens, Puma, New Balance and Polo Ralph Lauren, so you can grab a really great deal.

    And if you’re not sure what to do with ASOS Outlet, our guide to ASOS hacks has more info.

    Visit ASOS Outlet »

  • TKMaxx

    • A typical savior – Up to 60%
    • Cheap delivery – £4.99 (free in £100)
    • Student discount – No one.

    We are all aware TKMaxxbut did you know they also have a wallet where you can buy them too?

    If you’re not a fan of hunting around the store looking for bargains, this is the site for you. There is a nice selection of shoes, with brands ranging from Hunter to Vans and Timberland.

    Visit TKMaxx»

  • Shoeaholics

    • A typical savior – 30% – 60%
    • Cheap delivery – £2.95 from Parcelshop
    • Student discount – 15% away.

    Shoeaholics There is an online outlet, mainly selling Kurt Geiger and Carvela. But they sell other brands too!

    We’ve got Michael Kors shoes here at a major discount, so the look is also a must if you’re not into Kurt Geiger or Carvela.

    Visit Shoeaholics »

  • Adidas Outlet

    Adidas logo

    You will already be familiar with it Adidasbut do you know that they have incredible online prices and sales…and you can even add discounts?

    We’ve bought trainers before that originally cost £100, but we only paid £49 for them (and got over 7% cashback).

    When looking for discounts, especially on Adidas, it’s good to note that larger price drops tend to apply to full price items. But you can also get 15% – 25% of the sale items at certain points in the year as well.

    Visit Adidas Outlet »

  • chat

    Chat logo

    Just like Adidas, chat It also does great discounts on end of season lines.

    They often start with 25% off and work until weeks go by. It’s a risky trade that they might sell out, but you could expect to buy your favorite Nike pair for a few weeks down the line until they save some more.

    That said, if you are afraid to sell your shoes, you can always buy them and wait for a return period to see if they are discounted further.

    Visit Nike »

  • Only Merchant Outlet

    • A typical savior – Up to 70%
    • Cheap delivery – £2.99
    • Student discount – No one.

    You can get up to 70% off branded shoes Only Merchant Outlet. The brands on the site range from Toms to Leopard and Asics, so you can have quite a lot on great shoes.

    Visit Sole Trader Outlet »

  • Everything5Pounds

    • A typical savior – It can be up to 80%
    • Cheap delivery – £3.95
    • Student discount – 5%

    As the name suggests, most items on Everything5Pounds cost £5. Most of all, we say that a few things come in a few pennies, and those that are discounted cost less.

    We found some great deals from Everything5Poundsfrom additional notes with still printed texts.

    But it’s worth noting that even though many items are from big brands, the tags are usually removed or covered. However, sometimes you find a rare item with attached notes.

    Visit Omnia5Pounds »

  • Clarks Outlet

    clarks logo twitter

    • A typical savior – Up to 60%
    • Cheap delivery – £3.95 (free over £30)
    • Student discount – No one.

    We all know the Clarks!

    But shoes can be quite expensive. So they certainly recommend looking at it Clarks Outlet at Bonitas discounted shoes and trainers.

    Visit Clarks »

  • Facebook Marketplace

    sell the book in Facebook groups

    • A typical savior – Up to 75%
    • Cheap delivery – It depends
    • Student discount – No one.

    A slightly different option, however Facebook Marketplace he found a great yet cheap shoe.

    We previously bought a pair of Birkenstocks here for £25 – a huge saving considering they were around £90 new.

    Shoes for sale? Check out our guide to advertising on Facebook Market.

    Visit Facebook »

  • eBay

    • A typical savior – Up to 70%
    • Cheap delivery – book
    • Student discount – No one.

    On eBayand you will be able to find new and used shoes.

    We see independent sellers suggest from us (who will probably be cheaper) and the brands themselves that sell on eBay. If you’re shopping for shoes, check out our 17 best eBay bidding tips.

    Visit eBay »

  • Depop


    • A typical savior – 50%
    • Cheap delivery – £2.50
    • Student discount – No one.

    We love Depop. Not only is it great for selling clothes online, but also some cheap shoes and trainers from the app.

    We’ve had great success both buying and selling on Depop, and the app is similar to Instagram, so it’s easy to use.

    Depop is great for buying vintage items too, so if you’re looking for shoes that aren’t available anywhere, it’s a great app to check out.

    Visit Depop »

  • Vinted


    • A typical savior – 50% – 80%
    • Cheap delivery – £2.50
    • Student discount – No one.

    Vinted He has worked wonders for us, and has done our hunting lately.

    Low prices, even on shoes, mean you can save big on your favorite styles.

    Many retailers are selling new shoes, or even some lightly used ones, for under a quarter of the price.

    Visit Vinted »

  • Now that you know how to save money on shoes and trainers, check out the best online clothing stores.

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