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Avast, which has officially merged with NortonLifeLock, has made the acquisition once again. For an unspecified amount, the project obtained I do not care about cookies, a common extension for web browsers. In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc., it can automatically unclick the cookie bars that are annoying for many users. It hides the bars and agrees, if necessary, the ones the website needs to function.

“Avast offered me to take over the project so that we could help each other create better products, and I decided to accept the offer,” says the extension’s author, a Croatian developer. Daniel Kladnik.

I don’t care about cookies they probably have a large number of installs. The tool registers over a million users on the Chrome Web Store alone.

However, users started writing in discussions that they were uninstalling the app. They classify Avast as a company that always turns purchased products into tools for mining user data. Kladnik stated that the expansion will continue to be freely available. So Avast is likely to handle some form of monetization through data, but the company has not commented on the deal.

Avast recently launched an educational ad campaign, reporting that half of Czechs accept all cookies without thinking. Three-quarters do not know what its purpose is.

Avast will likely focus more on online privacy and security in the future, thanks to its connection to Norton. Among other things, the company invests in decentralized identity on the blockchain. After the relationship with Jumpshot, she also began to change her patch.

There are more extensions to remove cookie bars, you can try Cookie Block, Never-Consent and others.

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