Last week, Ukraine launched a major counterattack in the northeast of the country. Meanwhile, the soldiers forced the Russian army into often chaotic retreats and, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky, they regained 6,000 square kilometers. See in animation exactly where Kyiv expelled the Russian occupiers in a successful operation.

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A map of the progress of the Ukrainian counterattack | Video: Martin Krepindl, Jakub Zuzánek

Czech radio journalist Martin Drazin said in an interview with DVTV that the size of the conquered territory was relative and that it was mostly fields rather than cities. However, Ukrainian forces continue to advance, but not as fast as before.

The Ukrainian Army’s Southern Operations Command announced Tuesday evening that as of September 12, Ukrainian forces had advanced 12 kilometers on the Southern Front, liberating more than 500 square kilometers of occupied territory. Soldiers also liberated 13 settlements in Russian-occupied territories. The Ukrainian General Staff of the Morning Seducer says that, like the ISW, the morale of Russian soldiers has fallen significantly due to heavy losses.

Ukraine continues to advance in the northeastern part of the country in the Kharkov region. The ISW wrote that Kyiv’s successes there probably would not have had such a dramatic psychological impact on Russian forces in the south, which is why they withdrew from their positions. The counterattack is also making significant progress, but recent attention has focused on the Kharkov region, where the rapid Ukrainian military offensive in recent days has significantly reduced the extent of Russian-occupied territory.

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