The crisis measures proposed by the European Commission (EC) to mitigate the effects of record-high energy prices are insufficient to resolve the difficult situation for residents and businesses in member states. European Council President Charles Michel told journalists on Friday that, among other things, the way electricity prices are determined needs to be changed as soon as possible. Industry representatives are also demanding more measures.

On Wednesday, the committee presented a series of proposals envisioning the use of surplus profits from power plants that use cheaper resources than gas and fossil fuel producers. According to Brussels, member states should receive more than 140 billion euros (3.43 trillion CZK) as a result. Union officials also suggested a mandatory 5% power saving for him during peak hours.

“This is a good proposal, but more proposals will be needed…I think it’s important to speed things up when it comes to electricity markets,” said Michel, who heads the summit of member states on Friday. rice field. He was alluding to the announcement of reforms that would determine the price of electricity, which is now heavily influenced by gas as the most expensive resource. The committee will analyze the possibility of changing the system in the coming months.

According to Michel, in addition to accelerating reforms, it will also be necessary to secure additional resources in non-European countries if the EU is to completely remove its energy dependence on uncertain supplies from Russia. Recently, the president of the European Council discussed possible new gas contracts in Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Michel did not negotiate a specific contract, but a possible supply of gas from Algeria to Spain or Italy, or a short-term redirect to Europe of some of Qatar’s liquefied gas originally intended for the Asian market. It is said that there is a possibility. .

Today, representatives of large industrial companies called on EU Member States to agree to additional measures of support beyond the framework of the proposed measures. Aluminum producers’ association European Aluminum said the commission’s plan would not prevent further production cuts and job losses in energy-intensive sectors.

Aluminum producers could also benefit from regulation of gas prices, according to Fertilizers Europe (FE), the umbrella organization for fertilizer producers. FE said he needed sufficient supply at a fair price to restart production.

On September 30, the EU energy ministers will discuss the outcome of the Commission’s proposed plan and other possible measures at an extraordinary meeting convened by the Czech President’s Office.

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