It is a common misconception that women and politics do not mix. Have you encountered such an allegation during your career?

She met not live, but after the party was over, a constitutional official told me why I’d rather not sit at home and cook Sunday lunch. I told him I had been brewing since Saturday and really nothing to worry about. Fortunately, this only happened to me once.

Your interview with Milos Zeman last year got media attention. In it, he insulted you, for example, saying: “Secret material is not released even to beautiful presenters, especially if you in no way understand it.” You did not show any dissatisfaction. What feelings were already happening inside you?

I was grumpy and didn’t sleep the night after the interview, even though I knew the two-hour live broadcast the next day. I kept repeating what I could have done differently. After the interview, I received a lot of advice about what I could have done better. But we all act as best we can and feel in this moment.

What advice did you get?

That I should have ended the conversation immediately or sent it to the appropriate places. But I stand behind the fact that I interviewed the president and my job was to do the interview.

Who gave you this advice?

Especially women. We often complain that men are cruel to us or that they will not forgive us, but I think women know how to insist on women much more than that.

What do you think is this?

I don’t know, maybe competition? It would definitely be better if we got together. But maybe this thing disappears with the younger generation.

It seems to me that I don’t have anything and I can’t

You say you couldn’t sleep after the interview with Milos Zeman. Don’t you sleep nervous even before the party?

Yes, I sleep worse. I think I need to teach my body how to handle stress and nervousness better.

Theresia Tumankova

  • Journalism graduate from the University of Balaco in Olomouc.
  • She has been the front of Prima TV since 2000, when she started working in national news as a reporter and parliamentary correspondent.
  • Over the following years, she made her way to the position of presenter of the main news program TV Prima. She ran here for twelve years until 2018.
  • Since 2014, he has been hosting the Sunday talk show Partie.
  • She is one of the main faces of the multi-platform CNN Prima NEWS and one of the main presenters of the pre-election super debate.

According to surveys, more women than men suffer from imposter syndrome. They think that they don’t really deserve their success and that they are not smart enough. Have you ever felt this feeling before?

Sure, I think it manifests itself in my dreams somehow. For example, it seems to me that someone comes up to me and asks if I passed my math test. I asked him about the exam he thought we didn’t have mathematics in the Faculty of Philosophy. The person in question replies that he had it and therefore does not pay me any certificates, everything is reset, I have nothing and cannot. In my opinion, this doesn’t just apply to women, we all have the ability to make our lives incredibly complicated and humiliate ourselves.

Do you feel responsible for leading the political and pre-election debates?

yes. I try to make sure that I frame the discussion so that all sides have equal space. I always keep in mind not to help or hurt someone with a tip. I try to be fair and I fear I may fail because we live in a very sensitive and politically polarized time.

How to get rid of this tension and relax?

I cook, I garden, I bake, I knit in the winter. As cliched as it may sound, I like to do feminine things that have a visible and tangible result.

Do you think it’s okay to pursue these things as you say “cliche”?

Not at all, quite the opposite. I believe that women should remain women. With regard to children, family and family care. There is an irreplaceable role, most men cannot create a home as we do.

I’m not comfortable with the man’s role

Have you never had to act like a man in your profession?

I may sound conservative, but as women we can help ourselves the most by staying ladies. Not when we start to act like men. Of course with all equal rights, this is an obvious thing. I just don’t like situations and circumstances that push me into the man’s role. I’m not good at it and I fail at it. In my opinion, this is also true in partnership, when we often mirror our partner. If a woman starts behaving like a man, her partner will act somehow. We often say that we want our partner to be a guy, not a girl. So we have to be careful not to attract pussies to each other because of too much male energy.

Have you always felt that you have equal rights? Have you never been in a situation in your life where you wish the system or society could be created differently?

Possibly during the period when you received the major news management offer. That was 15 years ago and daughter Emma was nine months old. I feel it is common nowadays for women to go to work after a certain time, but at that time I listened to comments about how I can leave my daughter to strangers. At that time, the maternity allowance was 3,500 crowns per month, which was really not enough. However, society was hostile to mothers who also work in addition to childcare. I’m actually surprised we had kids at that time. I didn’t have parents near me to help me, so my partner and I hired a nanny to help.

Have you experienced guilt?

naturally. Today I see that it was just nonsense. I worked ten to fifteen days a month, left the house at 2 in the afternoon, and came back at 8:30 in the evening. When I wasn’t working, I devoted all my time to my daughter, and I know she didn’t suffer from it. Thanks to that, I’ve never felt like just a mom who washes and cooks and wants to get away from that. On the contrary, I always looked forward to my daughter and taking care of the family. Babies often cry when the mother leaves, but once the door is closed, they stop within a few minutes. Every mother leaves with remorse, which is absolutely unnecessary.

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